OMG, i'm soooooooooooooooo mad b-bag gals *FALSE ALARM - everything is fine! :)*

  1. i bought a black '05 city on e-bay a few days ago, so i could see what you gals were talking about (with the '05 leather) & it's a fake :crybaby:...that's the reason why i've listed my '06 black city (which i'm taking down now)...i can't believe this happened to me, the seller had 100% positive feedback...everything's wrong with it, the studs, the bales, the buckles, the leather...even that little leather piece in the front that looks like a smile :sad:...i'll post pictures later & will post the link to the auction if i'm allowed to (?) :shrugs:

    I just wanted to edit this to add before anyone reads further - that this bag is indeed authentic, and it was a false alarm. No need to worry! ;)
  2. Omfg... that sucks! :wtf: Report him to ebay and get your refund! I can't believe the nerve of that seller!! :cursing::cursing::cursing:
  3. Ugh! How awful!!
    I'm so sorry!! I think I know which auction you are talking about actually. Did you pay $750?

    The pics posted in the auction looked I asked the seller for additional photos.

    The pics she sent me were clearly from other ebay auctions (they were watermarked with the camera in the corner).

    So I stayed away.
  4. nope, it's not the same listing, i paid $1228 with shipping from the UK :sad:...i e-mailed the seller, but i'm not sure if i should wait to hear back from her or not before filing anything (?) :confused1:
  5. oh snap! i think i know which auction you are talking about!!

    oh, my, god.........
    i cant believe it...

    i am so so so so sorry ..

    ebay is a mine field.....:cursing:
  6. I'm so sorry. Well, if she has 100% feedback, I would wait to see what she says. I'm not sure about questions regarding authenticity, but for other issues I know paypal makes you wait a certain number of days post-auction before you can file a claim.

    That really sucks though. What a shame.

    Whatever you do, don't get super angry or aggressive with your correspondence and keep copies of all correspondence.

    I once purchased a bbag from a seller who had 100% feedback (and her feedback related to many bbags) and paid immediately. However reading through some of the threads on PF about her and her questionable bags, I decided that I didn't want to risk it. I politely asked for a refund, making sure to state that I paid by CC and the seller promptly refunded my money.

    GOOD LUCK and keep us posted.
  7. Oh no, I am mad for you!:cursing: I hope you can get your money bag.
  8. aaa, I'm sorry that this has happened.:wtf: I was wondering why I saw your black listed on ebay. I was hoping it wasn't because the Bal store had turned you off completely.

    My thoughts are with you that you will resolve this with the 05 seller and get your money back, good luck.:tender:
  9. oh dear i am so sorry to hear that :sad: i hope everything turns well for u when u return it.. i can imagine your happiness.. then the (un expected!) happens :Push: OMG ebay is such a scary place even when u are 100% certain!! whYyYyYyY :crybaby:
    keep us updated sweetie.. we are here for u.. :flowers:
  10. I am so sorry.:sad: The same thing happened to me once on ebay with a Chanel bag. Ebay told me to resolve my problem with the seller first and if it did not go any where i had to wait 30 days to file a claim with them. After filing my claim they requested proof of purchase and a written letter from authorized store or boutique stating that the bag is not authentic. If you paid with your CC i believe you can stop the transaction but i am not sure. But, first try calling or e-mailing the seller to resolve the problem. I wish you all the luck:heart: because i know how frustrating this is. Ebay sucks!:cursing:
  11. Oh no!! I'm so sorry. I know you'll get your money back but that is still so maddening!
  12. That suuuuuuucks, Aaalabama, I am so sorry! the worst feeling is when you were positive, when you know you've done your research and taken all the measures to protect yourself... good luck resolving this with the seller, if you have a hard time, I hear PayPal favors the buyer in disputes, not the seller. :heart:
  13. I am so sorry this has happened to you. I would be crying right now! May I ask who the seller is so I know to stay away from her/his auctions?
  14. Oh my gosh!!! That's awful! I'm so sorry to read this! I hate how many awful people are out there! Pooh to that seller! Hope the seller gets back to you ASAP and refunds your money including shipping(including the cost of returning that awful fake to her!) This is terrible!:sad:
  15. I recommend that you wait to give negative feedback until you resolve the issue - THEN give the feedback. I agree with the above posts that if you keep the correspondence nice with the seller, they may promptly refund your money and you won't have to deal with PayPal resolutions.