OMG I'm SOOOO excited!

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  1. So another b-day rolls around, yikes!'s the good news. Mi madre, doll that she is, bought me a new Coachie! However, I don't get it until Friday. I'm trying to guess which bag she got me and I think she may have gotten this! The deal is, she calls me from the Coach store and asks me what size shoe in Coach, and I don't think they made matching shoes for this bag in the patchwork! So that leads me to believe she was looking at the Grycie wedges in the Soho line in pink, but I wonder did she get me the Soho print bag in pink??? Because regardless of which bag it is, I know it's something PINK! Oh the wait is gonna KILL me. So I'm asking ya'll, if you know if the spring patchwork had matching shoes? That would at least narrow it down for me! And yes will post pics when I get!! :yahoo:
  2. Ooh! Another April Bday. I don't know if there are patchwork shoes to match but in previous seasons i have seen patchwork flats, etc made..maybe its a waiting game? who knows! but happy bday and cant wait to see your pics!
  3. Thanks! I don't remember seeing any matching patchwork shoes, so I'm kinda thinking it's the Soho...