OMG I'm SOOO torn or the Cerises Speedy

  1. I'm sorry for posting another thread about being torn over a bag. I hope you all don't think I'm mega annoying!! I'm on my third cerises speedy now, which I purchased from a lovely member. Okay I know that shoule be a clue that I've bought the d*m bag THREE freaken times I must love it. But I get love it for a day then I'm just indifferent to it, meaning it dosen't excite me like my other bags. Then I feel bad for spending money when I need other things and I want to sell it. My SO of course is like --I don't care do what you want. If your indifferent to a bag do you sell or keep? I'm someone who sells thing that are not being used so I can buy new things I'll use, so selling is not a huge deal. Agggh if only I could have whatever I wanted and not have to worry about $$$$$$$$$$$.

    Thanks in advance, and sorry if I'm annoying, but you all are the only ones who understand!!
  2. Just get one and keep it in your closet for when you DO want it. :yes:

    But I always keep all my bags. I don't ever get sick of any of them but I do use some less than others.
    I know that if I EVER get rid of anything, the day after I send it out will be the day I'll want to use it again.
  3. I think the cerises is beuatiful...if I am ever able to get one I will.

    I am like Rebecca, have never sold any bags. If I bought them there must be a reason that I did.

    Eventually the cerises are going to be really really hard to get and you'll be glad you have a little piece of history.

    :smile: Oh, and don't worry, I agonize over bags too!!!
  4. I would keep it for a bit if you have had it three times. See if you use it, and if not, sell it for something that you love!
  5. First of all, dont apologize for posting threads about purse decisions - thats what we are here for!

    Second, I dont know..this is a tough one. I think I need more information about your situation to truly help you. Are you indifferent to the cerises because of the money that you spent on it, or because you simply don't love it as much as your other bags?

    I think the best thing to do it is think about it, unrelated to the cost. If it was free, or if you were a billionaire, would you love it? And if yes, then keep it and enjoy it and wear it and don't look back, cause you got a great bag, girl!

  6. Okay if the bag were free I love it and use it! I'm not going in debt for the bag it's just that I had to use my emergency savings to buy the bag and I'm not sure how long it will be until I can "pay it back." I've been really good at not using my CC and only buying things I can pay off in the same month. I also have money set aside for unexpected things (such as car trouble, house repair etc...) and this is the account I took the money from. I just feel bad that I'm going against my new frugal ways!!!
  7. LOL! You're such a mess!

    I saw you selling your Cerises Speedy on eBay yet AGAIN, and I was cracking up thinking you're a NUT!!:roflmfao:
  8. I'd keep it!!:yes:
  9. Keep it. :yes: I think you really do love the bag, it's just your guilt is getting at you. How about selling other stuffs you really don't use anymore to fill in back the money that you've used for the cerises speedy, even if it's only partially? Think of ways to earn the money back would be a wiser solution IMO, otherwise it's an endless cycle.
  10. keep it- you love the bag subconsciously(SP?)
  11. Keep keep!
  12. I totally understand - I am the same way with money. I only spend what I can immediately pay off on my credit card and like to keep a little on reserve also. With this said, I think that you should keep it. I think that you love it and you can finally stop the cycle of buying and selling and enjoy your new bag! You will build up that reserve money soon enough! Congrats!!!
  13. i agree!
  14. Well, third times supposed to be a charm...but...sell it. If you have any doubts after 3 times it's not meant to be.
  15. Keep it, there is a reason why you bought the same bag 3 times!