So Happy =d

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  1. This afternoon my boyfriend and i went to soho to downgrade my neverfull from gm to mm. Instead of just exchanging the bag he also bought me a Pochette Florentine :yahoo:!! "one quick question, was the pochette florentine suppose to come with a belt?"

    Then after we left the LV boutique we headed over to Coach. And yes, he bought me two small items!!! The new brown hampton signature mini skinny and a signature stripe large beauty case!!!!! I am so excited right now, i just can't stop drooling over these beauties.

    When I'm over with the excitement i will post pictures. :yahoo:

  2. Congrats!! Hurry with the pictures, you'll start a riot! LOL
  3. Congrats! What a wonderful BF. The florentine doesn't come with a belt. You have to buy it separately.
  4. Great BF!! He sounds like a keeper!!!! DH hates even going into stores with me...he says I take FOREVER!!!!
  5. Congratulations.
  6. congrats on your fun shopping spree!!!!
  7. Oh really? OMG! i got one for free:yahoo: I bought the bag on display which had the belt in it. Haha... i'm a lucky gal.
  8. omg!!!! the more u should include pics!!! can't wait to see your florentine!
  9. You got a free belt, holy moly, I didn't think LV ever did anything for free- good for you!
    Now where are those pics? Are you still celebrating?
  10. congrats!
  11. Here it is girlies! :graucho:
    NEW 002.jpg NEW 008.jpg NEW 009.jpg NEW 010.jpg NEW 011.jpg
  12. And MORE!!!!!!
    Although they're not louis vuitton... :p
    NEW 004.jpg NEW 005.jpg NEW 006.jpg
  13. Love love love your new stuff! What a great bf you have! Congrats!
  14. Wow! That's great! :yahoo:What a nice BF you have!
    Congrats on your new goodies! :smile:
  15. Thankyou all!!! Yet, I still can't believe that i got the belt for pochette florentine FREE.:roflmfao: I'm wondering since i can't find it on elux, how much would that belt cost?