OMG!!! I'm SO excited but need your help!

  1. My heart is still beating out of my chest!:nuts: On AFF I just put a Silver Box on hold!!!!!!!!!:yahoo: :nuts: :yahoo: I just got a Sapin Box but really wanted a more fun color and now this is it! I have never had a metallic Bbag so I am hoping it is not too blingy. What do you think I should do? I'm really excited about the Silver Box but want to make sure it's not too bright. If anyone has a Silver Box and has a pic please post it. Thanks!!!!
  2. GET. IT. Balenciaga's silver is amazing and it is NOT blingy. It looks adorable in the Box (not even my favorite style). Complete the transaction, woman!
  3. :nuts: Go get it girl!! That thing is rare, and I am sure soon to be a goner!! I didn't even know there was a Turquoise Twiggy on there, until I checked the email for the Silver Box - that Twiggy sold quick!
  4. OMG Silver Bbag is my favorite.:nuts: Get it MRG. :yes: Silver is in every fashion magazine this season.:sweatdrop:
  5. Yep. Get it. I have 04 Pewter Mini Twiggy and I love it.
    The size is perfect for metalics, not too blingy.

    You'll love love love it, it's a perfect going out bag!
  6. OMG if you hadn't gotten it, I woulda!!!!! Get it!!!!!
  7. OH GOODNESS!!! Get IT! That is my dream night bag!!
  8. YEAH!!!!!!!! I'm going to get it and sell my other Box! I'm SO EXCITED! Thanks for the push girls!
  9. yes silver is in!
  10. Yea! What a stand out piece for your collection!! :yes:
  11. congrats! i just got my pewter weekender today and i am in love! great find! you will love her!
  12. CONGRATS Kates! Can you treat the handles of a metallic bag like you do any other BBag? I just want to make sure the handles don't darken.
  13. That is SUCH a rare find, you would be daft not to get it! I can't wait to see it!!!

    kates get off the purse forum and go study
  14. MRG, you were fast, girl! I got the email 38 minutes after it was sent and already I saw that it was on hold. I'm just glad that someone from here who is going to love it is getting the bag. Silver is such a hot color now too, it's perfect timing. :yes:
  15. I wouldn't treat it with anything, personally .... I don't know for a fact that it would mess it up, but I think the metallic finishes are much different from the regular color finishies...