omg :( im sad i cant believe it broke!!

  1. So I love my bubble ring as much as i love my noe, speedy or any thing else...dare i say it EVEN a bit more BUT

    THE BUBBLE part of the ring popped of!!! ahhh! im so sad!:crybaby: its been like 3 months so i nkow the whole replacing it is gone but but but what do i do? i guess i can glue it on but i dont want to risk it!

    im so upset, i mean i guess i can just buy a new one its so cheap, but i dont want to waste a 100 bucks when i can use it for something else sha know?

    HELP!!! i dont live by a LV store so i cant even go in...waaaaa! times like this i wish i had one and only one SA! :sad: :crybaby:
  2. SORRY ABOUT YOUR RING,I'm sure lv would fix it for you. can you mail it where you bought it?
  3. Too bad about your ring, but they didn't look too sturdy anyway,
    so i'm not surprised yours broke....
  4. Oh my, so so sorry! :sad:
  5. oh no! im woried about my bubble earings now, iv been wearing them most of the time since i got them in march
  6. Oh no! That's awlful.
    Have you tried calling LV?
  7. Sorry!!! Call 866 and ask them what to do. They might replace it.
  8. Buy a new one and return the broken one with the new receipt. ;) No way should that have broken like that! Thats crap!
  9. sorry to hear that
    yeah call LV & hope they will find a way to fix it for ya
  10. i cant call them right now because im at the library...and i promised myself no phone calls until i get out :sad: booohooo hooo! im so freaking out and it ruined my day!!

    i cant believe it did that!! arghhhh the BETTER replace it and not just "fix" it arghhhhhh!

    and selena haha ur post made me laugh, but i dont think i can do that :sad: id feel HORRIBLE! :sad: blah
  11. I don't think that this is the right thing to do... Just be honest and call LV, I am sure they will help you!
  12. let us know what they say. Sorry to hear, I'd be upset too.
  13. take it to the boutique. they may have to ship it off, but i'm sure that they can fix it.
  14. Well that's weird, I've been wearing mine and they're fine. But I'd definitely return it to the store and see if there's anything they can do. You haven't had it that long!
  15. Sorry to hear this, I hope they can help you out.
    I wouldn't expect it to break so soon.:sad: