OMG...I'm picking up my latest baby~Trevi

  1. I am relatively new here and I purchased my first Louis after visiting this site (goin for broke). I've already purchased 4 items. It's my first love, Berkeley in Damier Azur, a cles in Vernis Pomme, a Damier Pochette Compact and I'm waiting for my Pochette in Pomme. I went to South Coast Plaza Bloomingdale's Louis and saw the Trevi in person and fell in love. It was on hold for someone, but I gave my SA (love her!) my info and said to charge it up if they decided against it. At 5:00 I received a call saying to come and get her! I'm going back tomorrow~I love this site~I took pix but it's acting up rite now so will definitely post them soon...
  2. show us pic soon.
  3. i've been trying to post but it's not cooperating. any suggestions?
  4. Perhaps try uploading the pics to

    I can't wait to see pics!
  5. Congrats! Can't wait to see the pix! If you are doing direct download to the site, make sure it's under the size limit in .jpg/.jpeg format.
  6. Congrats, the waitlist in Singapore is like a hundred... :jammin:
  7. congrats, looking forward to the pics!
  8. Congrats!! I have it and I love it. I use it more than any other bag since I got it...Enjoy!!
  9. i'm tryin this out
  10. [​IMG]
  11. [​IMG]
    first time doing this so please bare with me~
  12. sorry
  13. never mind on a different pix
  14. Yay congrats!!!