OMG, I'm invited to the PCE. How?

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  1. :nuts:I was very pleased and surprised to get my PCE invite in the mail today. I don't know how I got it. I didn't think I had spent enough in the boutique to warrant that. But if you combine everything I've bought in the boutique, on or from the Coach 1-800 number (JAX), then I think I've definitely bought enough.

    Do they look at all that combined to figure out if they're going to give you a PCE invite?

    You know... I don't know if there's anything I really want right now :confused1:
  2. its funny you say that , cause i havent been invited but i know my SAs give it to me regardless,,,but there isnt anything i really want :sad:
    there are like 4 keyfobs and like 2 scarves i want/like

    but nothing big is jumping out at me right now
  3. My very first invite was when I had only purchased a scarf. So I don't think its necessarily based on amount spent.
  4. The way an SA explained it to me, they take the top 2% of customers (I wasn't clear on if they meant the top 2% dollar amounts or top 2% in number of visits) and then randomly select among them.

    Which means even people who DO spend a lot might not get them.

    Also, I don't think that you have to spend what we coach-o-philes might consider a huge amount. The average customer probably only buys one item or two in a lifetime, so with that considered, if you've bought two pieces this year, I bet it could be enough.

    Anyway, that's just my take on it. I don't work for coach or anything. :smile:
  5. I think there is a somewhat randomness to it, I'm hearing that people who bought one thing get one, but people who spent thousands dont.....not a ton of rhyme or reason

    but congrats! hope u find something great!
  6. That's great!
  7. i got one too! i don't spend a lot either, so i bet for the most part it is random.

    i am so excited. there are actually some styles i like right now...
  8. Congrats!
  9. Does each individual store send out PCE invites among their database of customers? Or is it from one central database of all Coach buyers? Just curious.
  10. I was pleasantly surprised to find one in my mailbox today! Had I known I was getting it I wouldn't have bought so much at the outlet this weekend & would have waited on the Denim Stripe Tote I bought last week!

    This is my first one, so I'm not sure of the protocol... it says it's limited to the Summer stuff but can I use it on anything in the store?
  11. I'm already browsing... that Ali in Whiskey is looking pretty good to me. Oh goodness... I'm supposed to be on a ban (which I already bought my Carly while on!)