Omg Im Insane*TODAY'S STORY*

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  1. Okay so after not going to sleep the whole night for the reason you allready know:push: tpf addict, I woke up my friend @ 7am and told him we should go running so we did and checked the temperature and it was about 20 I mean freezing cold the running track is on the side of a road wich make's it windy so we started running and it wasn't so long when my friend turned back to the car lol there were puddles of water literally frozen and still managed to run all six miles lucky I had my Ipod with his coach case to keep me motivated:nuts: im insane my whole body froze almost got hypothermia the only people running had army shirts on and when I was almost done some guy over runned me I had lowered my speed since my waist started to hurt from the cold than half way he stoped and I over runned him haha that shows that keeping a short paste it's better than showing off so remember no pain no gain or should I say no pain no shinkage lol...
    ugh than after that we whent to a mexican store and bough tamales lol:shame:

  2. You sound like my son! He'll go out in ridiculous weather, not dressed for running in bad weather, then wonders why he doesn't feel good or something aches!!! You guy athletes are a little crazy, aren't you?!:rolleyes:
  3. lol id say insane:lol:
  4. That's craziness!!! I would've stayed home warm in my bed!!:yes:
  5. I think you guys earned the tamales. It's been below zero here and I wouldn't be caught dead running in that kind of cold. *shivers*
  6. yeah maybe I did deserve them after all I burned like1500 calories:nuts:
  7. lol! I would never run in the freezing cold, you are insane! Doesn't the cold air just kill your lungs?
  8. not if you breathe slowly and just trough you'r nose:idea:
  9. how bout a gym membership??? it beats running in the cold!!!
  10. I run to the gym in the cold dear...;)
  11. LOL..insane, I hate running in the cold..good for you still beat the weather..
  12. oh...I drive to the gym:heart:
  13. today was 87 degrees in Los Angeles...I walk to the gym
  14. I ran one time in -2 wind chill -- helping my buddy train for her marathon. We ran 12 miles. It took me all day long to get warm. I feel your pain.
  15. wow 12 miles good job:yes: