OMG I'm in such trouble when dh finds out!!!

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  1. Aww, but the affiche is so hard to find! If you didn't get them then, you might never be able to get them again! Right! Right? :graucho:

    Beautiful pieces, can't wait to see!
  2. Same here!!
  3. My husband would get even :smile: we're in the process of moving and we agreed on the tv. Now, he wants a surround sound system. I told him if he gets that, I get the LV purse I want. So he said no to the surround sound. Hahahahaha! So if I buy my purse, he'll buy his surround sound.
  4. I have been given a "No questions asked" spending allowance since my BF moved in with me hehe. We have a fairly tight budget so I have that money to do whatever I like with, and lately it's going on LV!
  5. LOL - I can't get away with sneaky purchases. My DH watches that credit card bill like a hawk.
  6. You could tell him that they are going to be some of your early Christmas presents, but your going to use them now!:P You could even wrap the empty boxes to put under the tree. Maybe by Christmas, he'll forget and still get you something good!
  7. haha this is great! I LOVE early christmas presents, because by the time christmas comes along, they feel guilty that you dont get to unwrap anything, and get you something anyways :biggrin:
  8. Tell him they're an investment. I read somewhere that LV Monogram prices are due to be increased in Europe by about 9%. Of course, this only works if you bought before the price increase:rolleyes::sneaky:
  9. :graucho:I did make a sneaky purchase, when I got the delightful mm, and I am going to the store on Monday to purchase the damier agenda!!!So, oh yes I will get in trouble....
  10. Lately I've been selling off things to fund my LV -and now Gucci- addiction so DH doesn't mind too much. But we NEVER talk about prices. That's a big no-no. I have my own account but I usually keep my bag fund in my paypal account where it's ready and waiting for me.:P
  11. can't wait to see them when they come in :graucho: no sneaky purchases for me, i'd get in a lot of trouble.
  12. Fortunately I don't have to 'sneak' my purchases. My sweet BF likes to give me money to buy pretty bags and stuff when I want it :smooch:
  13. Fortunately, my DF understands my sick need for pretty bags as long as he can buy model cars (omfg it's taking over the basement!) and car accessories. And I know it's awful but he knows not to upset me or hurt my feelings too much or else I'll start self-medicating using retail therapy with his plastic hahaha.
  14. shoot, i need a husband to hide LV from *sulks in corner* lol

    nice purchases tho :smile:
  15. This is what i normally do - i've dug into my wardrobes and found a LV croissant pm which i will sell, also i'm gonna sell my josephine wallet which i bought earlier this year as i dont really use it plus have couple of balenciaga coin purses which can sell. so that should cover it before the bill comes in can just pay it then lol