OMG I'm in such trouble when dh finds out!!!

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  1. I had a bit of a blast at the old credit card today on LV online store! I've been eyeing up some goodies for while and ended up purchasing the affiche mini pochette (some in stock in uk online), affiche azur keyring and then I went back and bought the Rouge Fauviste zippy coin purse! Jeez i will be in trouble when the bill comes in. Anyone else made any sneeky purchases recently???

  2. Your gonna be in trouble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Show us some pictures so we can enjoy your goodies!
  3. Um I am always sneaky, LOL!!!
  4. lol do you have the kind of husband who doesn't mind if you buy things without asking?? Mine DEF minds. thats ok though because its better to ask for forgiveness than for permission, right?!
  5. Can you pay off those purchase first before he finds out?
  6. Lucky for me, the one credit card I have only works at Von Maur. The best they carry is Burberry, so I am safe when it comes to sneaky purchases! (Unless someone knows of a Von Maur with a LV concession, then I'm totally up for a road trip lol!) But I can't wait to see your new wallet!
  7. Congrats on all your goodies! I just made a sneaky buy on ebay. But I also sold an item, so I told him what I sold covers what I bought. :nogood:
  8. :lol: I love your title! Great choices!!
  9. Every purchase that has ever been "sneaky" has been made in cash. And technically it's my money that I've earned. Mostly sneaky because DH says I have too many bags, but no other reason because I take care of my responsibilities.

    LoVely items though, so congrats!
  10. Most of ny purchases are bought with my own savings from my allowance.
    So my parents don't really mind since I am being responsible with my money (:
  11. No sneaky purchases here. My husband would definitely mind, especially when it comes to major purchases.
  12. Me To, I am not married yet so I don't have to worry about that but I do have to be sneaky around my dad because I still live at home. But I figure if its my own money, it really not my dad's business to begin with!:P
  13. OOh I'm telling LOL! Just kidding. I hope you have a birthday coming up or a really good excuse like temporary insanity LOL! You chose some really lovely items and I am sure it will be worth it!

  14. I LOVE THIS STORY!! IT is almost as crazy as mine and so something I would do! I understand why you did it though, because uk online stock is so erratic!! One minute it is available and the next it is gone. I too nabbed myself an affiche mini pochette which I use all the time suprisingly. I clip it onto all my big bags so that it my blackberry, keys and cards are easily accessible to me!!

    This is why my DH locks his cards away in a safe and keeps the keys on him all the time!! lol

  15. lol!!!