OMG, I'm in love!

  1. I just browsed the accessories section of the COACH website and found these shoes and I'm in love!
    I want them in turquoise. :yes: I'm picking them up from Columbus Circle or Fifth Ave. tomorrow.

    I'm also crazy about the Coach legacy scarf, so I want that, too.

    I'm also digging these, but on the fence, because I've never worn a heel higher than a 1 and 1/2. :sweatdrop:
  2. I have those in the turqoise and they are gorgeous - I love them! You might want to call the store to make sure they have them. They sold out of several sizes in the Turqoise - website says they are available 5/8.
  3. LOVE both of them! I love how the signature flats have a piece of snake skin inside the shoe!!! I want snakeskin to come back!

    And as far as the wedges, they are TDF! I love the slingback version of them:

    I know how you feel about not being used to a higher heel, I felt that way too about another pair of Coach wedges until I tried them on. So, when you hit up the store, try on those babies and you may just fall in love. But you'll never know until you try them on!
  4. Both are adorable!! And wedges in general are more comfortable and easier to wear than regular heels, so you definitely should try those on!!
  5. They are super cute! I could never spend that on a pair of shoes around here at this time because my dogs would eat them before I got 2 wears out of them! :biggrin:

  6. I called Columbus Circle and they say they have them in stock. :yahoo:
  7. That's great!!!
  8. L love wedges!! Congratulations!! When you get them, take a picture!!!!
  9. :sad: Sold out in my size :push:
  10. let us know what you end up buying! both pairs of shoes are TDF!
  11. I bought these shoes during PCE; they are not the most comfortable shoes I own, but they look snazzy! I also purchased the turquoise ergo oblonge scarf to wear when I wear the shoes. I posted pics in another post, but here they are again.
  12. The Nicola flats are too cute! I was eying them in the black signature when i was in Lord & Taylor today, but wasn't sure how I felt about the hardware on the top.
  13. Hey guys, I went this afternoon and bought the Noels, as they didn't have the Nicolas in my size.
    The lady thought I said 9 over the phone, but I said 9 1/2. :sad: I tried the 9, but my toe was hanging over it. The SA at Columbus Circle (very nice, btw, her name was Kristin) said she'd call me when they got more. I wouldn't mind getting the Nicolas in punch too, LOL. I didn't get the Espadrilles, the height is too much for me.

    I also got the Legacy ponytail scarf, so cute!
  14. I like the Noel's also and had I known they were available before I purchased my Nicolas, I may have purchased them instead.
  15. I want those Nicola flats too and the Kimmy wedges and the Amandah sandals!!! I need an extra job!!! hee hee