OMG I'M IN LOVE! this may be the one!

  1. Some of you know I go through bags like they were tissues. I may be interested for anywhere for a couple of hours to a couple of weeks. Everything that I have sold that I have regretted (one bag, my salvatore ferragamo) I have loved from the beginning. However I've gotten a lot of bags ie. the grey first and the rouille first, where I just didn't get excited over the bag. But now I can understand why you girls love INK so much! I love the color, I love the shine, I love the slouch, as soon as I got it out of the box! I haven't had that feeling in a really long time, and if I wasn't snuggled in my equally fantastic down comforter & my pup(playing hooky today to finish up some work). I would be ALL over it LOL.

    I'll post picts in a little while! I'm so excited!!
  2. cant wait to see... you're keeping us in suspense!!
  3. Ink is AMAZING!! I miss my Ink Day!!

    Congrats on your newbie......and please post pics.:smile:
  4. congrats aarti :party:
  5. Congrats on your ink!! Please post pics soon ! I love my ink twiggy. i'm always staring at it in diff't lighting.

    I go through moments of liking a bag one moment, the next i feel like it's the ugliest thing. ( sometimes I feel like I might be bag schizo :p )
  6. YEAH!!!:yahoo: I'm glad you got exactly what you wanted!
  7. Isn't that the best feeling ever??? I have never owned or even seen in person an ink balenciaga, but I do drool over the pics. Ink is such a great versatile color. Congrats on your new purchase!
  8. sorry all for the wait but here are some picts! WOW this was really hard to photograph, I can't pick up the true color becuase its always changing. It is a bit stiff, but with some use I should get it to slouch nicely. enjoy!
    ink 2.jpg ink 3.jpg ink 4.jpg ink 1.jpg
  9. Gorgeous Ink Day aarti!! I LOOOOVE Ink! :love:

    I'm SO happy for you that finally you've found the right bbag for you and one that you're totally in love with! :yes:

    Have you taken her outside on a sunny day yet? If not, OMG - wait until you do! I know it literally took my breath away the first time I took my Ink City out in the daylight. I had to gasp!

    I love how Ink is such a chameleon!
  10. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Ink will always be one of my favorites, and the Day has become my new favorite style. CONGRATS!!!!
  11. I :heart: :heart: :heart: INK!!! The color is fantastic!! Sometimes it is dark, almost black, other times it definately looks blue, other times purple!!

    Congrats!! It looks great on a day!!:yes:
  12. I haven't seen as many B-bags as some of you have but so far, ink is the one that I never second guess having chosen. I still 'visit' my ink city sometimes when I am in the same room. I almost lost it when my cleaning lady left her heavy purse on top of it yesterday. Enjoy your day!
  13. I actually haven't yet! Tomorrow I shall! And in proper tradition after exploring it and accessorizing it, it is now on my shoulder :shame: And I haven't done this to any of my bags except for that one SF. So I must really love this!
  14. Stunningly beautiful! Congrats. I haven't gotten into the blues yet, but Ink just might find a way into my closet yet.:smile:
  15. I love the Ink in any style. Would love to find an Ink shopper.