OMG I'm in a little trouble with BF - haha.

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  1. So my ex asked to crash on my couch tonight because he's going to need to be at a conference in town early in the morning. I said yes because we're friendly now, but I also told BF - who is not happy about it.

    Am I evil because I think a little jealously is good for a relationship? I think its sort of funny actually. Besides BF hasn't given me a ring yet....
  2. :wtf::graucho:
  3. I think your bf has every right to be upset, it puts him in an awkward postion.
  4. ^ I agree. Your boyfriend has a right to feel uncomfortable. I mean it's just not anyone staying over, it was your ex.
  5. If I were the bf, I would be pretty annoyed ... How did he deal with it so far?
  6. I believe an x is an x for a reason. I think your BF has every reason in the world to be upset, ring or not your dedicated to him. Tell the x to get a motel.
  7. ^ I agree as well.. if the situation were reversed and my bf had HIS ex sleeping over I would be royally ticked. Can your ex spend the night somewhere else?
  8. ouch i'm sure your bf wouldn't feel as annoyed or upset if say you hated your ex. but then if that was the case i'm sure you also wouldn't let him sleep on your couch. all i know is, if my bf did that to me i'd be pretty damn pissed. ok how about this tell your bf he can sleep over too! LMAO.
  9. Gotta agree with the rest of the ladies. Plus, it may ignite more of a fight with your current flame than you are really waning right now. Don't do to him what you would not want done to yourself.
  10. Wow, that must be a very bad, and ackward situation for your bf. I mean cmon, wouldn't you get mad, or annoyed if it was the other way around?
  11. should her new boyfriend not trust her 100%, or am I being too naive ;) I would like to think that my husband would trust me whoever was staying over, but then, I guess I would not put him in this position in the first place.
    oooh, not sure about this one actually :smile:
  12. That's putting your boyfriend in a position that he shouldn't have to deal with. My opinion is that your ex should not stay in your home at all, and shouldn't even think he can. He needs to pay for a hotel and make arrangements for himself. I don't think it's that funny to put your boyfriend through that at all.
  13. I agree w/ everyone else...if my bf were to have his ex sleep over & since they have a history..things would be running through my mind. I hope you're not opening up a can of worms.
  14. i also agree with everyone else.your current BF has every right to feel awkward and be upset.
    if the shoes were reversed, how would you feel if his ex slept over?
    though he is your ex, to you he is a good friend, but how are you to be certain that you are now just a good friend to him?
  15. Seriously.
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