OMg i'm going to freak....

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  1. Ok so i've had this cute flipflop key ring from coach for years now. Its a cute green and just adds color to my black bag. Anyway today while driving ( no i was the passenger) I was fiddling with it and notice it was made in china. OMG dont tell me i have a fake ?:wtf:
  2. The majority of Coach is made in China.:yes:
  3. OMG thats good to know, Here all day i've been thinking I have a fake and was freaking out.

    it looks like this
  4. That's really cute!
    Similar ones were at the outlet on Friday!

    I don't think you have anything to worry about.
    Always look for reputable Coach sellers to buy from on Ebay or buy from Coach directly via the outlet, online or the boutique.
  5. Yep, most of coach is made in china.. you are probably safe :okay:
  6. Ooooo thanks :biggrin:
  7. o0o, I have that same one in white. On the back at the bottom its got the same stamp.
  8. I believe we have a member here who is an expert on key rings. Hyacinth (sp). There are alot of fake key rings on ebay.

    Most Coach is made in China.
  9. I will try and get pic's tomorrow and will post them. I hope its ok because i like that little thing.
  10. Send her a PM so she see's your post (might want to put it in the authentication thread). She is really good. I don't have the interest in doing key rings - I get mine at the Outlet.
  11. Sounds like it's real.. and if you've had it for years, I would just go with it.. it's not like you may be carrying around a fake purse.. that would be a lot worse! :hrmm: