OMG.. I'm going to be sick.. please tell me this is a nightmare..

  1. We just moved from Florida to California and are in the process of unpacking... and I just unpacked the last box.. and my MC White Speedy is not here!! OMG. Im freakin' out. I wanted to bring it with us but we had no choice, everything had to be boxed up since I was out of town when they packed our house. OMG. I dont know if I file a claim they will pay for a 1900 dollar purse! I cant call the hubby, he is in flight right now. I hvae no clue what to do. I just tore the house apart making sure I didnt miss it or hubby unpacked and misplaced it. :crybaby::crybaby:
  2. Take a deep breath. Look again - you said 'they' packed the house... so maybe it's in a different box. Don't freak yet.
  3. Oh my! So sorry to hear that. I suggest you keep searching until the hubby lands. Maybe he knows where it is. Did anyone else pack your things?
  4. OMG....I hope that you find your speedy!!! Now you have me sick to my stomach! Please keep us posted.....good luck!!!!!!
  5. Oh no! Hope you find it soon, I´m sure it´s there somewhere *hugs*
  6. My husband is in the military and we got last minute orders and only had 2 weeks to move and I was back home visiting my family and dropping off our daughter to stay with them while we moved, and the military hires movers to pack your stuff and ship it... So we did not pack the things, we already had our entertainment center brought to us in pieces and one of the carseats unaccounted for.. and now this, I am freaking out. I cant believe this.
  7. Since by the sounds of it, you hired it out (the packing and moving), is it possible that one box didn't reach you yet? Wait till DH gets home, have him help you look one more time before calling the company that did the packing. Mistakes can happen and perhaps one box of stuff never made it onto the truck. Sending good vibes that your bag shows up unharmed!
  8. OMGosh!! I am so sorry to hear this. Please tell me you've found it!
  9. All of the boxes reached us they number the boxes and check to make sure all are accounted for when they drop them off and thats how we found out a carseat was missing that was the only number accounted for so therefore if its not here, then when they were packing they took it or a box was opened during the move.
  10. I'm so sorry to hear this. I would have someone else, anyone, look through the boxes as another set of eyes. Frequently, I am so panicked when I can not find something, I look right through it. If you don't find it, I'd call the miltary, find out the moving company's name and info and what kind of insurance on items they provide. Inform them your luxury handbag did not get to you. Hopefully, they will make restitution....:flowers:
  11. I am so sorry. I don't know what else to say except I hope it all works out for you. Keep us updated.
  12. I hope this stuff will be replaced by the moving company:wtf:
  13. is it possible the bag was in that box?
  14. I am soo sorry to hear that. I really hope you find the bag. I am always sooo paranoid of my things. Please call the company ASAP!

    We had a teacher at my sons' CHRISTIAN private school babysit for us a few nights and she STOLE from me! She took Tiffany and David Yurman Jewelry and some clothes no purses (Thanks God! LOL). She thought since I had so much I wouldn't notice. To be honest I didn't notice the first few times until I went to find a particular necklace. Then we watched her after that and set her up. So, nothing surprises me anymore.

    We recently moved as well and I packed all of my own things. If you knew me this would be funny. Also, after my teacher tragedy I am too worried to have a maid! And UGH I LOVE LOVE maids!

  15. I totally know what you are talking about. Those movers hired by military packed really fast. They worked like kidding. When we moved from Hawaii to CA, I had to put all my bags in special boxes and my DH asked them to pack it with extra care and label them properly. We had to watch every single things they packed. I got all my bags and precious collections in perfect condition but we lost all our remote controls for everything :confused1: ..go figure, we had to buy every single remotes..

    I hope it will show up, take a deep breath....

    For your sake I hope you listed all your bags in Household Goods inventory including the value. One thinh we keep in mind when moving, to have all the photos, important documents and receipts with us.. Good luck dear..I feel for you...