OMG I'm going to be at the Ritz in Paris! What to wear, what to bring? Help!!

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  1. Dear ladies, for our anniversary we're going to the Ritz in Paris in December, I'm so excited :nuts: :nuts: :yahoo:

    We're in our 30s... not long ago I was a grad student... now what on earth do I wear and which bags do I bring? I just don't know!! :shame:

    At least I have a growing LV collection and could bring an LV with me... damier speedy, alize (see pic) for luggage...:confused1:

    But what (not) to wear? We will probably have dinner there, and a brunch... and we will walk around Paris of course... Please help me with this. :shrugs:

    Thank you! :love: :heart:

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  2. Well I would go with a few staple pieces!
    A little black dress.
    Black pants.
    Cashmere sweaters.
    Bring pashminas or shawls with you perhaps to layer on, if you won't be sure of the weather.
    A nice pair of boots.
    A pair of dressy shoes.
    Button down collared shirt ( I think you can never go wrong with these!!)
    Your best coat!
  3. Are you going for one day or a couple because my list was for a couple?
  4. Thank you Minnie! We're going for a long weekend (3 days). I have already bought a cute, longish skirt with a black/brown slightly shimmery changeant fabric and a coppery-brown velvet belt (to be tied in a small bow), but I don't know what to wear with it. I don't have shimmery-fabric tops, perhaps a nice cardigan or a silk blouse? Oh man, I'm so used to my office suits and weekend abercrombie or gap sweaters...
  5. Wear a bathrobe and flip-flops and shop when you get there.
  6. ^ :roflmfao:
  7. Too funny!! :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  8. that list is perfect!!
    and have fun at the ritz! it seems amazing!
  9. agree with minnie...
    also maybe to add :
    black comfy flat shoes for walking around
    nice sandal
    few black tops
    nice day dresses. maybe some wrap dresses from DVF
  10. With a black brown slighty shimmery fabric skirt I would say skip the shimmery top and go wth a beautiful silk or chiffon blouse and the velvet belt sounds like the PERFECT touch!!!
  11. Have a great time!!
  12. Thank you so much :tender:

    @Minnie, what color would you choose for the silk or chiffon blouse?
  13. Wow, that sounds very exciting!! :smile: Congratulations! Everything suggested here sounds good.. now would be a great time to bring out some of your best jewellery and watches too!
  14. You can literally wear whatever you want in Paris. There are so many different styles in that city, anything goes. So long as you aren't wearing sweatpants and a I:heart: USA t-shirt, you'll be fine.

    It was pretty cold when we were there a few weeks ago, definitely don't forget gloves, a scarf & a nice warm jacket-especially since you'll probably walking a lot. Definitely bring flats for walking. Paris is a fun place to wander around, but some of the streets are uneven or cobblestone-definitely not heel friendly!

    Word of caution-if you bring more than one designer purse, you'll want to bring along proof that you bought them in the USA. Customs can be a PITA with stuff like that.

    Have a fabulous time!
  15. Thank you jillybean. I'm actually from Switzerland LOL :graucho:so no sweatpants and I :heart: USA shirt... I have been to Paris many times, we just never stayed at the Ritz before (I'm still like :nuts:). ?ve been doing the black thing since high school so no problems there... I might stock up on a cashmere sweater... Thank you again! :love: