OMG! I'm freaking out over here. I think i hurt my new bag. help!

thanks Ladies.

I checked the bag this morning and it has lightened up a little but I can still tell that there are dark areas. :sad:I'm hoping it goes away eventually.
^Apple Garde's just a brand of leather cleaner/conditioner.

I really think those areas just got super saturated and they will lighten back to normal when it dries completely. Don't worry.
It should dry up in a few more hours. You most likely sprayed it a little too heavily so it will take more time to throughly dry. Spray lightly & hold the can a foot or more from the leather. That works best.. you can give it two coats of Light spray but I'd let yours go with one. In a month or so try again if it's wet where you live... but be light fingered on the trigger.
the spots on my handles dried:yahoo: the spot on the side of my bag his lightened up a lot. I'm hoping it will continue to fade away. thanks for all the advice:flowers:
yay! I'm glad it all worked out! your apple is beautiful btw!

next time, make sure that you spray at least 10 inches away, several light coats are better than one thick one, and the over-saturation shouldnt happen again. :flowers: