Omg Im Cutting Up Fakes ! Lol


Aug 9, 2006
Hi, Im in my bedroom at the moment cutting up a fake mini monogram bag, ive cut off the date code and Louis Vuitton made in paris label. The fakes were bought for me by friends and relatives from holidays. I cut up a fake prada bag before and wrote fake fake fake allover it in marker pens. Im just going to finish with the mini monogram bag then I will start on a wallet. LOL im enjoying myself !. Pics to come soon ! :yahoo: :yahoo:
Well I was going to give them away but Im clearing out my room and its full of all sorts and the fakes were on the floor so I need to get them out...then I thought...cut them up LOL :nuts:
Why? Throw them out or just give them to those who are less fortunate (letting them know they are fake).

No....she is doing the right thing...we don't need any more FAKES floating around the planet ~ it's not good for our health, that's why :yes:, I hope I didn't come off like a Royal Bit&h! Yikes, i hope I don't come over that way...we just don't like FAKES on this site, only the real deal!!!!
btw, I like your signiature pic and saying! sOOO TRUE!

haha lol thanks Jill, Itsgood2beme - ITA I thought about giving them to charity but someone would most likely sell them on Ebay. Even if I give them to someone homeless in the street...who knows that someone wont go up to them and offer the homeless person $30 for the bag so they can sell it on ebay...someone who is homeless would take that money for food etc. Im a he lol :nuts: :smile: