OMG im a mulberry addict.........

  1. hi all

    as some of you know i new here in this sub forum, i got my first mulberry last week, a beautiful lemon emmy!
    ive always loved the mulberry bags just for the beautiful leather that you never seem to get from any of the other designers!
    for the past year i have looked at roxannes, rosemarys, emmys, alanas and bayswaters and couldnt make up my mind whether i wanted to own one, ive always been such a chloe girl, just because of the beautiful leather on the 05 paddys, but have last week turned traitor!
    since i got the emmy i have not stopped planning what im getting next!
    today i looked at some really beautiful bags!
    *a black brooke £215
    *a bronze bayswater £315
    *a very beautiful full price oak roxanne which was by far my fav bag today!
    if it wasnt for my BF i would have bout at least two of these today......
    am i going mad???or have you all just converted me????:confused1:
  2. Don't worry,it's a normal response after discovering this great brand!:nuts:
  3. I discovered Mulberry 8 months ago and now have 8....
    Just desperate to get my hands on a medium Mabel in black or red..
    I have the mini Mabel in red and it's just to die for!!!
  4. No this is completely normal, once you have one you just cant stop!!
  5. this is very dangerous!!! im trying to save!!!
    im now day dreaming about the lovely roxanne i saw!!
    ohhhh shall i?
    the brooke was very cute to!
  6. I had my first Mulberry -- a Rosemary...and it took about a year for the Mulberry madness to hit me. I got a Bayswater because I simply could not stand NOT owning it! And now (I've sprayed it ladies!) I LOVE IT and can't believe I lived without Bays so long. At the same time I got an Antony and I love it totally too. And now, I am just totally into the Mulberry look, the Mulberry leather -- and I even started a thread about it -- the Mulberry feeling. I truly feel cozy and chic and ready and slouchy and gorgeous when I use my Mulberrys. I feel perfect and I feel perfection! And now, OMG...I'm a Mulberry addict too. Well, maybe not addicted. I can control myself, and I don't want every Mulberry...just that I don't even look at other brands anymore. I look, but they don't interest me.
  7. yes im feeling this about other brands now to!
    however im on a mulberry ban for a while as ive just bought a couple of other bags this week!!!
    3 bags in two weeks i think i may just be a bag addict in general!
    my boyfriend even bought me a birthday card a last year and it said on it 'to many bags, to little time!!" very fitting i thought.
    however when my bans over i have a list of bags im definately getting!!!
  8. Now I am going to whisper this...
    But I saw the Chloe Saskia over the weekend and I was very excited! :drool:
    I wont buy it, but it shore was purty!
  9. Ooh, I'm intigued! Off to google it....

    OK, found it. Now I'm really intrigued at your excitement kerilynn. It wasn't anything to do with the tongues was it??!! :p
  10. It is so funny because I almost threw up when I handed over the cash for my first Mulberry. Many bags later...
    It is much easier now and I spend way too much on my obsession!
  11. Just going through the Mulberry forums tonight took me back to the first ever Mulberry bag I got 19 years ago. It was my first designer bag and I loved it and coveted it from the first second I laid eyes on it until I received it for my 23rd birthday. It was a scotchgrain and leather tote in olive and branston and I used that bag for everything, everyday for seven years. On my 30th, my husband bought me a Vuitton Speedy 30 and I loved that to bits and still have it now - but then one day everywhere I looked were fake LVs :yucky:and I just didn't feel the same about using my beloved Speedy anymore:crybaby:, ...and went back(!!!) to my beautiful Mulberry tote which I was more than happy with until I opened a magazine and there she was - Roxanne, and I had to possess her - and since then, of course, the "It Bag" craze erupted worldwide - and my poor Roxanne (in my opinion the world's first "It" bag) got cast aside for a Chloe Paddington in tan (which I'd been on a wait list for months for). And I became swept up with Chloe. But I came back to my senses three years ago and now have my Roxanne back in use and have since invested in three Bayswaters, two Emmys, Araline, Judy, two Belles:love:. It's perhaps that I have three boys that makes me so attached to these bags - I still use my all my Chloes, but Mulberry is still my first love:heart:. And in case you were wondering what happened to my original scotchgrain tote - she's currently on a road-trip through the United States with my youngest sister:cutesy:.