OMG..I'm a bad LVoer..I missed our anniversary :( ([long]

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  1. I knew that I got my first LV sometime in August, and I thought it was end of August. So I was sitting today and thought, "I should check my receipt" thinking it would be today or tomorrow-ish...and looking at my receipt it was on the 19th!! LOL..I'm 3 days late..sorry Lvoer.

    anyway, my love affair with LV started (as many) with watching Newlyweds and falling in love with Jessica Simpson's collection..her white MC speedy, cabas aalto (or shopper I dunno..), and her Speedy 35. I dunno the way she just wore it was just classy even if she only had a cles in it and it sagged so bad, it still looked good. Anyway...nearing the end of my trip to New Jersey and still not buying an authentic bag (that was my it fendi, Coach or whatever, i didn't care, i just wanted it to be real) I was freaking out. Then while waiting on the subway I saw a magazine that had a LV speedy and saw the price at $500 something (must've been the 25). and I thought.."nooo way, LV's are waaaaay more expensive than that". So right when we got back to my family's home I checked elux and lo-and-behold speedies are in the $585-685 range. I made it my mission to get to LV before we left. The only time we could go was the second last day or last day before we left. I didn't really fret cuz I would've bought it in TO anyway since I was going there in NOV. Anyway, when I got to the boutique I asked for the 30 and 35 just to compare sizes. I'm a big bag gal, and when I saw the 30..I just wasn't sure...but when I got the 35, I knew it was the one. There was another customer at the store too, and he recommended the 30, but the SA and I knew it would be the 35.

    and now, one year later...the 35 grew to:

    -Azur pochette
    -White MC Wapity
    -Azur Speedy
    -Pearl Cles
    -Black epi soufflot
    -Monogram Pochette
    -White MC Cozy
    -Pomme Vernis agenda
    -Black Shawl
    -Monogram Sophie
    -Groom Pochette Wallet
    -Manhattan PM

    I have parted with:
    -mat ludlow
    -damier cles
    -pomme flat pouch
    -white mc cles

    I don't have any purchases to celebrate my one year because: 1) I'm broke from my 4 day shopping trip LOL; 2) I'm still undecided..about 90% sure it'll be the mini lin speedy in dune.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing this awesome LVoe Affair..and I hope we have many more to come :heart: -jill
  2. Hi Jill happy aniversary!!! Thats a great collection in one year. Hope you get the mini lin in dune. And glad you got rid of a few things!!! haha
  3. Congrats on your one-year anniversary! You've had a very succesful year! Sorry if I tried to enable you to get the Mini Lin Dune Speedy... :graucho:
  4. lol..thanks sjunky13.

    don't worry jellybebe..that pic was showed the dune's true beauty! I can't wait to get it!! :smile:
  5. Hi Jill. Belated one year anniversary with Mr. Louis!!!!. Nice collection there and i LVOE everything you got there...esp the mono sophie....I want one so bad.... :crybaby:. Hope you'll get ur mini lin speedy soon!!! I'm still debating about the MC wapity. But i'll be getting a Le Mignon tmr, if they have it in store that is... and I get to see the trunk show tmr!:yahoo:
  6. Great collection! I remember when you got some of these. I love how the red pops out in your collection. Beautiful!
  7. Congrats and great collection!

  8. lol..i should get another pomme piece huh?! i just don't know what..cles?! i don't want a bag...i dunnoo..
  9. Wow!! It's been a great year!! Congrats!!!!!
  10. love your collection! i'll change that red to a green light for ya ...go get the mini lin speedy in dune! trust me, u'll love it like i do!
  11. ^^I've seen your dune rensky, actually i always look at your pics as a pleasant reminder as to why I want it. beautiful bag!!!
  12. Happy Anniversary! That is quite a collection you have acquired in one year! Congrats!
  13. Aww happy LV anniversary! hehe
    I love your collection, may there be many more LV bags to come!
  14. aww, happy anniversary jill! i love your collection, especially your epi soufflot. it was you that inspired me to to make that my next handbag purchase, i saw the pic of you and your bf on your 5th anniversary. i'm totally enabled now! lol i also love your sophie! congrats!

    i also began getting into LV from watching jessica simpson on newlyweds. that occurred to a lot of girls. lol!
  15. wow that is a stunning collection. Congrats on the one year anniversary. Here's wishing there's more to come!:drinkup: