OMG I'm 15 and I'm addicted.

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  1. Hey guys , im usually a lurker not a poster but OMG thanks to this forum I would have to say I am now fully addicted.

    even though im 15 my collection consists of.

    Damier Graphite Daniel GM ( Mum & Dad bought for Christmas )
    Damier Ebene Marco Wallet ( Prezzie from me to me )
    Mono Speedy 40 ( Stole from mum )
    Damier Graphite Tadao ( Stole from dad )
    Stephen Sprouse Green Keepall ( Stole from mum again haha )

    I know its a small collection but hey i'm 15 and its growing , Mum still has a few bags im trying to pinch but no luck

    FACT : I'm a boy btw so people dont get confussed
  2. and i forgot to post , I blame you guys and what should my next bag be ???
  3. I'm thinking about the Roman GM...
  4. That's cool. Good luck with your collection!
  5. Its not bad to be LV addicted! .. probably :biggrin: ;)
  6. hahaha..once you step in to this forum, you will never escape :devil:
  7. Congrats on your nice collection and Welcome to tPF!!!
  8. I am thinking a key holder of some kind. Afterall you do start driving next year, right?

  9. I agree, and welcome to tPF!
  10. Prepare yourself for a lifelong addiction:P You have a nice collection so far!
  11. Great collections so far. Much better to be focused on bags than other things at 15 right (sorry that is the mom in me)? Congrats!
  12. why would u steel the spedy as a boy?
  13. great collection
  14. What a great collection! How about a cles?
  15. Great collection and I agree on getting a keyholder of some kind!