OMG!!!! iiiiicckkkkk ! Ostrich Bleu Roi

  1. SwankyMamaOf3 is going to come again and say,

    "Please post this under the Hermes Authenticate thread. Thank you."

    dior24 also says, "Please post this under the Hermes Aunthenticate thread. Thank you."

    YOU'RE WELCOME. (*talk to myself)
  2. Love the blah, blah, blah in her description (I'll remember that when I list something)....also her honesty about the tear. Hee hee
  3. Looks more like s***.

    Sorry, have to vent myself. :roflmfao: :yes:
  4. "The bag comes as is." Yup, it comes as a very bad fake.
  5. I think this bag is beyond authentification, and redy for RE-burial, I can't even imagine where they dug up this one!
  6. oops,sorry! I thought since i wasn't asking for authentication that this could be posted here. First timer on the hermes forum! apologies.

    will do that next time..
  7. Gah!! That's some HORRIBLE ostrich leather!
  8. why are people even bidding on it?? i dont understand!!
  9. mommy just make it go away :cry:
  10. Yuck! :sick:
  11. YIKES:sick:
  12. That isnt ostrich...its smallpox.
  13. I am amazed that this person would repeatedly insist that it was real and came up with such far-fetched "explanation" for the damage on the bag. Oh and the part where the seller provided the link to another seller's listing, that's just too priceless