Omg I Wish I Could Get This

  1. I would die to have that lol
  2. woahh! that is awesome!
  3. lol it would be like having your own mini store
  4. Cool. It would look so good in the right place. Not my style though.
  5. Oh that is to cool.
  6. cool. i need to get my hands on some old posters somehow. my school has a 5 or six lining the halls and i just drool over them everyday. lol they're old voyage posters from like the 70s and 80s.
  7. That's so cool- the seller is shooting himself in the foor by not shipping though. He'd still sell it even if shipping was $200.
  8. ITA, even if the price was $1,500 and he shipped everywhere. I think it would sell, a collector or second hand LV store would love this.
  9. lol I could take all my modeling pics on it:nuts:
  10. awesome...
  11. Wow, this would be a great collector's piece... and it's only a 3 hour drive from where I live :graucho:
  12. Love It!!!!
  13. wow, cool!
  14. I love it!!!!