OMG I wax the skin off my upper do I prevent scarring?

  1. I am so sorry this happened to you!! Ouch.. like the ladies before me said the silver sulfadiazine should help with the healing, maybe later when the skin is healed try using some almond oil, its great for marks and is also soothing.
    Another good one is a mixture of glycerin, rose water and flour, create a pasty dough of this and and apply to the area, I tried this for some burns on my lips it is very soothing.
  2. Thank you ladies for the great advice. My husband bought me some maderma and I'll massage it like a PP suggested. I think I'll give the Silvadene a few more days and then move on to the maderma and other oils. I am never waxing again...threading only...
  3. Avene skin restorative cream also known as CICALFATE. I swear it's a miracle cream
  4. the porblem is using vitamin a .. when you use that you really shouldnt be waxing where you apply that.
    it thins the skin
    so best thing i can say is quit waxing because that will continue to happen as long as you use the vitamin a
  5. Just want to update you all: ironically, the scarring in the picture has died down a lot and is nearly invisible now and the side where I thought I had the least amount of damage is the one that left noticable hyperpigmentation! It's not super dark, but still noticable to me. Frustrated by it all but glad the damage has been minimal. I found a ton of you-tube videos on how to self-thread that area so that's what I'll do from now on!
  6. Yes, you are right about that. It just took me by surprise because I used a different kind of wax a few weeks ago and nothing bad happened but I guess those few weeks were all it took to make the skin that much more delicate. However, I'm also thinking it's just this particular wax because I have found a lot of similar complaints on the web. Never again!!
  7. wax could be a problem aswell.
    i used this particular wax( cant think of the name) and it took the skin off my arm.
    it was so bad, i also think the wax was too hot when she used it.
    but then i broke out everywhere i got waxed (arms legs and back) it was so bad
    im never body waxing again
  8. have had success with bliss wax.. it is a chamomile based wax that is used

    in conjunction with a cleanser & oil afterwards.. very soothing & calming..

    have been using this for well over 20 years now... its removed with your

    hands not a strip...
  9. This used to happen to me when I would get my eyebrows waxed. I used all types of prescribed and drugstore acne products as a teen (which may I add, never had acne in the first place). I would get a huge patch of skin waxed right off because my skin was so sensitive to the wax and heat. It was horrible! I found that covering the area with Vaseline or Aquaphor at night with a bandaid helped to reduce the pain and redness. Here's a note, next time you think about getting something waxed stop using any acne medications for a week before.
  10. Hi lenaofdc,

    Unfortunately this same exact thing just happened to me. Worst timing, too! I was wondering just how many days (or even weeks) did it take for the burn to heal? This happened to me last night, exactly a day ago. The burning has subsided (thank goodness) now my skin feels tight and dry, and where the burn is its a bit rough. Does this mean it's scabbing already? It isn't a usual scab color-it's much lighter, a sort of pinkish brown instead of the usual purplish color. Was this the case with yours?
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  12. Oh no! that's so sad...have you thought about investing in a home laser device - like the Tria? It never burns, just tings a little, only downside is that you have to wait a few weeks before doing it, but it won't give you problems like waxing does.

    I would recommend applying a heavy cream (like Creme Ancienne...which is a miracle worker) twice a day and massaging the sorry you had to go through this!
  13. Sorry this happened to you! I realize it has been a while but hope you healed! It took me about a week with the aid of a prescription burn cream.
  14. This exact same thing happened to me once hahaha. It hurt so bad and was so embarrassing. I no longer apply the retinoid cream on my upper lip so that I can wax it, thankfully I don't get much acne there!