OMG I wax the skin off my upper do I prevent scarring?

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  1. I've been using a teeny, tiny amount of retin a mixed in with my moisturizer for about a month now. I noticed my skin has been a little more sensitive but didn't think twice about using wax strips...holy cow I pulled a layer of skin off on both sides! I thought it was just red and irritated immediately after, but no, it's fresh skin!

    Anyone experience this or know how I should go about treating it? I slept with a huge layer of triple antibiotic ointment last night but I had to cover it with concealer and powder for work today! I know it's counterproductive but I'm so can literally see the outline of the wax strips lol...any advice would be much appreciated!

    Thank God I got my eyebrows threaded over the weekend - I guess from now on I'll do that for my lip, too!
  2. Egyptian Magic? That might work well on preventing a scar / over-production of collagen.
  3. Aquaphor is what I would think to use.
  4. So I just looked up reviews for the NADS Facial Hair Remover Strips and it looks like I'm not the first for this to happen to and may not have been from the retin-a.

    I thought it was strange because I used a different kind of wax two weeks ago and did not have any problems. So be warned of using NADS strips!

    I've got it coated in anti-biotic ointment for now and will use aquifer once the scab starts to form!
  5. Pure vitamin E oil should also help. I bought a bottle awhile back at CVS pharmacy that was 1000 IU.
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  6. If you intend to wax your upper lip again, you should wait several days

    before you wax... I learned that lesson the hard way... keep that area

    hydrated with either vitamin e oil or aquaphor or vaseline

    I use Bliss wax which is very gentle & you remove it with your hands not a strip

    in addition their is a skin conditioner to use before & after waxing.. haven't had any

    issues since using Bliss (its a chamomile based wax that you heat up on the stove)
  7. image-3339675352.jpg

    This what it looks like right now. I'm going to go to the urgent care after work to see if they can prescribe an ointment to prevent scarring...I'm so upset over this!
  8. I have no idea if you can get this in the US but I once got a nasty burn on my hands and between my fingers and I was given an ointment called Mebo (it's an asian made product) and it really worked wonders on healing my skin and I was left with no scar or burn mark. The stuff stinks of sesame oil but it works. I hope you were able to get something prescribed!
  9. Bio-Oil......has PurCellin oil. Been using it for a scar on my arm after having a mole removed. Seems to work well. Of course check with your doctor first.
    Good lucky honey and be glad it wasn't actually nearer to your lip line. That could have been BAD for scarring.
  10. I went to an urgent care place last night and she gave me an rx for silver sulfadiazine cream which is a burn cream for 2nd degree burns...hopefully this will prevent scarring. The pharmacist said Neosporin will prevent infection but this cream induces healing. The area feels very dry today like it's going to scab up soon. I'll keep you guys updated!
  11. OMG I did this once not thinking retin A makes the skin thin. I had to call in 'sick' for 2 days from work because I was so embarassed by my upper lip. I also had skin come off my eyebrows. Ugh it was painful. Good luck healing.
  12. Aw im glad someone else has done this! It was so embarassing to go into work but I have a good sense of humor and laughed off as a no pain no gain beauty thing!
  13. image-1397602663.jpg

    Well ladies the scab peeled today and this is the MESS im left with. Discoloration and scars like smokers lines!!!! I had perfect skin there before!!! I don't know whether to cry or get a lawyer or what...I'm so upset...
  14. My mom uses retin-a and has had this happen twice. For some reason when she visits me the wax my salon and spa uses doesn't cause problems, but one of the places she does to at home does. It looks just like hers does, so I wouldn't worry. When it heals your skin should return to normal. The silver sulfadiazine you got is great stuff. Especially on curling iron or any other kind of burns. It takes the burn out in a few hours, and I never end up with a scar when using it.

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  15. lenaofdc, sorry to hear about your injury! My grandmother used to tell me to massage the scar in small circles every day once your wound healed and wouldn't reopen. Apparently it's supposed to flatten the scar by loosening up webby collagen bonds that would otherwise make the scar protrude out of the skin and become more noticeable. Hope this helps!
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