OMG-I was just in an ebay frenzy, LOL

  1. Anyone else have this happen?

    I lost a White MC Pochette to someone else, and I was so bummed that I starting searching desperately for a replacement. I was going to bid on a Black MC Pochette even though I really wanted a white one (I love black, but want white first). Luckily I didn't have time to bid and have since regained my composure.

    Anyone else go crazy like that while bidding for LV on ebay? I think I need to ban myself from going on for a while. :nuts:
  2. I can't do the bidding thing that is why I either go for auctions with BUY IT NOW or email the seller and ask them to end the auction early!!! If I see something I like I have to have it NOW!!!:lol:
  3. ^^^ Good idea, I think my bidding days are over too. Are you allowed to ask the seller to end the auction early?
  4. You can ask but not all of them would do that. But if you look at seller's completed items and see that the have the same item for sale over and over, I am sure they wouldn't mind.
  5. I can't stand it when a seller ends an auction early to "sell to the highest bidder"! I don't think it should be allowed on Ebay. Why would they not want the auction to run it's course??? Lots of people watch auctions and don't like to drive the price up before the end...jmho
  6. I do that, too....I also sometime watch something and check on it an hour or so befor e it ends....then forget to bid!
  7. It irks me when people wait to the last minute to bid. I would rather sell to someone who wants to buy it right then and there. Who wants to wait 7 days for an auction to end? You'll end up forgetting about it in 7 days.
  8. haha omg! that's happened to me. I watch multiple similar items and if i lose in one i try the other. it's so odd. thank goodness ive never won anything or else i'd be waaay broke
  9. I am talking about auctions that don't have any bids.
  10. i agree, i'm like that too :yes:
  11. I got in trouble like that once, but not twice:wtf:
  12. I do! :yes: I would always max out my watching list.