OMG, I was flabbergasted!

  1. I was tooling around town today running misc. errands. After exiting the freeway to return home, I looked across the street and saw two people having sex in the front seat of a parked truck! :blink: I couldn't only see the top half of the woman, and she did have a top on...but there was no mistaking what she was doing by her movements. :shame:

    My off-ramp is pretty rural, so I guess the figured they were safe. :roflmfao:

    Has this ever happened to anyone else?
  2. No but it sounds marvelous! :smile:

  3. HAHA...omg that's hilarious! Can't say that's ever happened to me though!
  4. They are lucky a police officer did not come by. That would be considered indecent exposure. Where I live, the state legislature is trying to pass a law that would require anyone found guilty of misdemeanor indecent exposure to register as a sex offender. Getting naked in public these days is not smart. People may think it is harmless, but unfortunately we aren't living in that kind of world anymore. :sad:
  5. Im with Selena! I was JUST thinking about how much I miss the care free, crazy times my husband I shared when dating...why does it become so NORMAL after time! A friend of mine is seeing someone new...the excitement sheis feeling is so lovely....
  6. Did you happen to notice what kind of bag she had?
  7. LOL Irishgal!
  8. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: haha!
  9. DOnt you feel disgusted after???? something like that happened to me once... I was driving home when I was 18 and I was driving a huge pick up truck (dodge1500) and at a red light this can creeps up and i felt someone looking at me so i looked over to the van and the guy was jerking off right there.....I BOLTED OUT OF THERE SOO FFAST!! and till then everytime i drivev a big truck where i can look over to another persons car...I WONT>..I AM TrAUMATIZED!!!
  10. Ehh I am with Selena and Sunshine... :shame: :yes:

    In Europe sex is not as big of a deal as it is here at all. I loved that about Europe- no problems with PDA or a little lovin in the truck :roflmfao:
  11. I chuckled at first...but then got to thinking, what if my kids, or any kids for that matter saw this going on? :mad:

  12. Hahahaha! :lol:

    I'm thinking if she even did have one in the car, it could have been laying in the dirt at that moment for all she cared. :P
  13. No comment:shame: :angel: .
  14. I agree...although IMO it needs to be out of immediate public view. They were right there on a freeway exit for goodness sakes...they couldn't have been more obvious if they tried. :lol:
  15. They are really lucky that a cop did not go by... You can get arrested for indecent exposure and with a really aggressive DA, get prosecuted and wind up with a "sex offender" label! Talk about embarrassing--all from getting laid!!!!