OMG!!! i want to report Bless Roquero for selling "replica" bags on FACEBOOK!!!!

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  1. how do u report individuals?!
    long story short, while browsing through relatives' facebook, i saw a feed on one of my relatives page with LV pictures, i clicked on it, read through, and next thing you know i am INFURIATED!!!!

    her name is Bless Roquero in facebook, and she is OPENLY selling her replica Louis Vuitton, Chanels, Fendi, Gucci and such to other people.

    THIS MAKES ME SICK!! i then commented on her pictures, and right away she messaged me telling me that im nothing but a show off and that not everybody can afford the authentic bags.
    i did not come off like that in anyway, i am just trying to protect the Copy Rights of the high end luxury brands, and trying to do whats right!

    anyways, after messaging her back with Louis Vuitton's worldwide lawsuit thats out in the prowl for counterfeiters, she then challenged me to report her, and at the same time right before i can click reply, she CANCELLED her FB account!

  2. People these days...they think fake is ok bcus they don't know the truth about where that money is going.
  3. ugh, im soo infuriated! it disgraces all REAL LV lvoers! i swear!!! this completely degrades the LV name brand is soo many ways! so wrong!
  4. If this is someone whose information you know, Lelliebunny informed me that is the email address for Louis Vuitton's anti-counterfeiting team.

    I say you send a message to facebook as well, reporting her account as its illegal and I'd assume they would cancel her account.
  5. i went to and messaged them..but this individual cancelled her account after i threatened to report her :sad: should i still send them an email??
  6. Facebook should still have her info. Plus she might just try to pop up with a different name but facebook could at least block her usual e-mail :thinking:
  7. i know what you mean :sad: thous ppl should be reported ASAP without warning , i don't think there is any use of sending the email since she canceled her account ! :hysteric:
  8. Thank you ladies!! i will contact Lv ASAP!
  9. If she just canceled today or yesterday then FB would still have her info stored because it doesn't automatically go away. Her account is just deactivated. If she canceled it permanently it will take at least about two weeks for her info to be completely erased from FB.
  10. My guess is she probably just blocked you, so you can't see her account anymore. Ask a friend of yours who's also on FB whether they can still see her page. Either way - report her to Ebay and also to LV!!
  11. That is desgusting. You did the right thing!!!
  12. I just checked Facebook. There are 2 accounts with that name and both are set to private - so I can't see if it is the person selling LV. What did the profile pic look like on her page?
  13. on face book sel face bags
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    RizQi Yazid Collect's