OMG! i want this indigo weekender

  1. OMG! :drool:
  2. [​IMG]Alas, I would love to BIN this beauty but other bags loom in my horizon
  3. :wtf: :nuts: :wtf:
    Cool. I like!!!!!
  4. wow, that is a gorgeous bag...i love indigo
  5. i must be out of my mind!!!
    after splurging a turq 04 weekender, a satin clutch and a coin purse within 2 weeks...
    i just CLICK BID on this weekender!

    i need help, i need PROFESSIONAL help!!!
  6. ^^ Good luck sweetie!! These BBags are just too hard to resist that's all!! You are NOT alone!! I am waiting for my indigo first and already have my eye on another BBag!!!
  7. thanks HandbagAddict4Ever...
    i'll need all the b bags luck in the world this time :yes:
  8. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
    Well, I'm a professional Bbag addict - does that count?:p
  9. Wow... so bright

    Good luck with the bidding!
  10. LOL, better you then me :graucho: :graucho: :graucho: Good luck :yes:
  11. Gorgeous indeed but isn't this a office style? I thought weekenders always had silver tag.
  12. Wah!!! Don't blame you for clicking on "bid", sea, that's a :nuts Weekender!

  13. ^^ lol, me too, good luck sea!!!
  14. goodluck seahorse!!!! I hope you get it. Hopefully all you bags will see quick to help pay for this beauty :yes: