OMG I want these!!!!!

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  1. They are gorgeus ... hmm, can you pursade someone to buy them for/to you ??! :P
  2. OOOh, I'm a 9 1/2!!! Those are beautiful
  3. Me tooooooo! :yahoo:

    But honestly, I want a pair of those Monogram brown patent leather heels with the shimmery gold LVs and the vachetta sling back. :heart:
  4. I LOVE THEM :drool::drool: Gorgeous Gorgeous .. hope one of ur PFers gets them :yahoo:
  5. That sounds cute! U gotta pic!?:drool:
  6. SOMEONE take this OFF! WHOLESALE??????:cursing:
  7. Yes those are gorgeous. You may want to look into Karen Kooper sometimes, I think she has had Balmorals for sale there.

    I already reported one of Cream´s message. Hopefully gets banned soon.
  8. mee too^^^

    and karen kooper has the best shoe selection!
  9. Love em'!
  10. oh oops. I just saw the size and flipped out. Didn't read the auction :sweatdrop:
  11. oooh those are gorgeous! I love purple! too bad they're not my size though
  12. I want to hold out for the teal ones. If anyone finds the teal slingbacks in a 40 or 41, let me know!
  13. You'd think I would have saved one since they're discontinued...but alas, I have to wait for a pair to spontaneously pop up on eBay. :s Anyway, the body of the shoe is the same as these loafers (meaning the dark brown patent with gold LVs):

    eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - Montauk Moccasin