OMG... i want the mini lin croisette!!! NEED HELP DECIDING!

  1. ok... my original plan was to get the pomme coeur, the tivoli pm, and the french wallet in pomme... just today i went to LV and got myself the chale monogram shawl (the pink/rose-y one). anyway.. just now i saw the croisette mini lin sneakers and i wanted the entire series with the sneakers, the speedy 30, the french wallet in red/pink so that i can match it with my shawl... what should i do?? stick to the original plan with the tivoli or get the croisette? but the pomme coeur i'm getting for sure =P
  2. one more question, the leather on the mini lin doesn't patina like the vachetta right? or does it?
  3. the mini lin croisette doesn't patina because its not vachetta. i've got the blue croisette and i love it! and i agree the shoes are so adorable they made me stop in my tracks when i first saw them. i think you should get the croisette instead of tivoli, plus the croisette wont be around for very long its le.
  4. oh it is?? omg.. it's all so tempting... because my bf said he'll get me the bag and stuff... so maybe i'll ask him to get me the heart + french purse + bag and i'll get the sneakers myself... i'm always sooo indecisive!
  5. also... should i get the blue or the red? i personally like the red more.. but the blue one seems more versatile..
  6. wow! lucky girl! my bf is so against bags but he did get me what i wanted for xmas and bday =) good luck and make sure you post pics! why don't you get a french purse in pomme? i like to match my smaller accessories.
  7. the thing is... while i do love the FP in pomme.. if i'm getting the mini lin croisette i'd like everything to match.. and that's why i wanted this line in the first place because i can get the shoes to match with the bag and the wallet...