OMG. I think I've lost my mind.

  1. Good heavens, these bags are like crack! New to Balbags and I'm obsessed. I literally have had dreams about the bags, colors, leathers and shopping for bags for the past two nights. Never, ever experienced anything like this. lol. I ordered 2 bags today - an 08 GSH Sahara City and an 07 RH Jaune City - just to try to get them out of my mind. But looking at purchasing a third.
    Has this happened to anyone else?

  2. Yes, it has happened to all of us. :yes: Be sue to post photos when your new babies arrive!
  3. Yep, it's always like that when you first start out!:lol: I was the exact same way when I discovered Bal about 6 months ago but luckily, after the first 3 months, I kind of mellowed out a bit and now am just enjoying what I have and waiting for the Fall colors. Welcome to the Bal forum and congratulations on your new goodies. Remember to post pics when you get them! :tup:
  4. Me too! And I'm obsessed abt TPF too.
  5. *LMAO* Absolutely! I used to have "Balenciaga Crackhead" under my user name here. It's normal, don't worry. We WILL enable you, however, so keep that in mind! *L*
  6. Oh, thank god this mania will abate somewhat. :jrs:
    Feel a little unstable at the moment. LOL. But very happy! :tpfrox:
  7. BEEN THERE!!.. lol..

    one after another.. it just doesn't stop *_*
  8. It comes and goes in waves for me. I was very active in the fall and not so much in winter, until the beginning of this year. I'm more of a fall colors person so that explains it. But - turq '08 will probably result in a few purchases ;)
  9. It comes and goes in spurts for me too. For a while I was content to just look at the new bags, but now I have become obsessed with finding some of the older colours! It's always like "just this last one and then I'll stop buying for a while" ... but, yeah ... I think I've been saying that for months now! :smile:
  10. Well it is definitely addicting!! I have "caught the disease" from all of you here on TPF and just when I thought I was old enough to not catch it! Lol! :shrugs::crybaby:
  11. I'm going through the same thing! I'm new to BBags, I have 2 (the 2nd was purchased 2 weeks ago), and am *thisclose* to buying a 3rd and 4th!

  12. Me too south! I purchased my first Bal last Aug. and my last purchase was last month and nothing since then. The S/S colors just don't do anything for me, so I'm just waiting and saving for the Fall colors (which is a blessing, thank goodness):biggrin:
  13. Yeah, i know the feeling.
    I bought one, then had to have 2 and 3 within the next week. i'm bad
  14. Ummm.....YES! I am on a super b-bag break/ban right now but it is only because of $$. If I had unlimited income, I would:

    1. Help take care of world wide hunger.
    2. Save all unwanted animals.
    3. Buy a b-bag in every color from every season.
  15. Louis_Gal...Your signature 'toon says it all! It's adorable, and would be absolutely perfect, if the li'l gal were wearing raggedy clothing, and shoes with holes in them...(or some other evidence of bbag wrought poverty!) :lol: