Omg I think it's an '03 white or mastic weekender...

  1. According to her lousy feedback she is a bit careless. That makes me hesitate buying it. Gorgeous bag.
  2. I won't EVER buy from a seller that uses the lame !L@@@K!

    in all her title.

    JUST kidding hahaha don't cha hate that? Lovely bag though
  3. ^Yeah I know. I actually skipped past this listing and it took me a while before I clicked on it because of the lame title. It sounded just like another fake bag listing title. :P That's why I said I hope it's legit, and not stolen pics and what not.
  4. welp, i'm sure our girl BooYah can weigh-in, but i think it's 100% real's such a rare color & size that i imagine it would be hard to fake or steal photos of...i don't think any of us even knew it existed 'till recently :P
  5. That doesn't look like pewter hardware... is it?
  6. hmmm.. u girls see the "lampo" zipper?
  7. kinda weird to me :P
  8. i think this lampo zipper was the one balenciaga used before
  9. i have '02 with YKK zipper, also an '04s with the lightning bolt zipper.
    does all '03 is made with this old lampo?
  10. yes, that is the original lampo zipper.
  11. I have an '03 classique and it has the same exact lampo zipper as that one. :yes:

    I think it is pewter hardware, just hard to see in those pics, but you can tell from the zipper.
  12. That's my dream bag so i BIN'D!!!! Couldn't help it; HAD TO HAVE IT!!

    That's the one I posted before that I wanted (off white with pewter hardward).

    PLEASE PRAY THAT IT IS AS DESCRIBED!!!!!!!!!:sweatdrop:
  13. YES!! Yay Julie! :yahoo: I have an '03 off-white with pewter hardware too, they are amazing! The pewter hardware on the white is so gorgeous! I'm praying yours is going to be as described too! Congrats!
  14. woooooooooooo-whooooooooooo, congrats on your dream bag :yahoo: