OMG i think i'm gonna empty my savings for these....

  1. I was just informed that a few of the bags I'm interested are in!!!!!
    What to do what to do?!
    I'm supposed to be on a ban.... but these colors are TDF!
    I want to get the Violet day and the Jaune Twiggy!
    Should I take the plunge?!
    My BF is going to KILL ME!
    Will place order next week and hopefully they'll be in my hands by the end of next week!
    Can you feel me shaking?!:graucho:
  2. Oh, congrats one 2 bags at one time but don't go into debt to get them if you can't swing both at one time. I would get the one you like the most now and then hopefully the other one will be available later or someone will want to sell theirs.
  3. I know, of course I'm not gonna get in debt for this... but thanks for your advice! the forum is the best!
  4. So, which one do you want the most?
  5. BOTH!
    I have savings for situations like this!
    But maybe I'll come down by the time I place the order.
  6. Dont feel bad dumdumsun :yes:

    As long as you're content and you said you have savings for situation like this, so if you can go for it :graucho:
  7. well, you did say "savings" (if theres such a thing when you've discovered Bbags like me!)... so you need it for emergencys right?! rescuing violets and jaunes from those squished store rooms is AN EMERGENCY! so go for it!
  8. I can feel your excitement Dumdumsun, I too have placed order for two bags - voilet city and jaune twiggy n expecting them to come in early next week. Looking forward to them every min and sec. :dothewave:Congrats to your 2 new purchases. Cheers! :drinks:
  9. If you have the money and want it - just do it!!!! Goodness knows when we will see a purple or yellow again!!!! Let us know what you end of getting and post pictures please. I think these will go fast, so I would pounce, but that's just me!!!! Good Luck!!!!!
  10. YES JUST DO IT!!! (don't you love all the enabling?:graucho:) And then post the pics!
  11. Well, heck...if you have the savings GO GET THEM! I just thought you meant your BF would be mad because you drained your savings for these 2 bags. It's one thing to have a savings for these bags to blow and then another to have a savings for every day life things. I have a special savings just for my Bbag addiction, too!
  12. this is why i LOVE this forum... all this enabling!
    i'm filling out my form now and going to fax it to AR... hopefully they still have them!!!
    crossing my fingers~
  13. Well, when you say savings, is it savings for a rainy day, in case you lose your job or savings for frivolous purchases? If latter, then go for it, otherwise, hang on to your savings.
  14. TOO TOO Exciting!!! show pics when they arrive:yes:
  15. savings as money saved to endulge myself in my current addiction.