OMG, I think I ordered my Posen Olivia at Bloomingdales!

  1. I had set up the bloomingdales webpage with the Olivia as a short cut and clicked on it before I deleted it since the bag had been sold out. It showed up! So I quickly put it in my brown bag

    and purchased it for 50% off the sale price!

    and YES I did receive my email with confirmation number.

    OMG do you think it will really arrive?

    Only thing is I used by gift card and they show that I used it, but it is not reflecting in the total balance.

    I guess I will argue with them when it hits my charge card.
  2. Congrats! Awesome bag! What color did you get?
  3. Does it say it will ship within 5 business days or does it say 42 business days. I just placed an order with bloomingdales for a pair of sevens and it says it will ship in 42 business days, I'm guessing that means its going to be cancelled, but then again who knows with bloomies.
  4. Unfortunately, email confirmation from bloomingdales is meaningless. If it says ships in 42 days, you pretty much forget it. is on my spam list cause they kept cancelling everything on me-and not right away, it would be a week later, after I had been lusting for the bag all week!:cursing:
  5. Purseinsanity:

    la la di da da ... I got the espresso!

    My husband is not a fan, but I don't care... I love it, love it, love it.
    oh and yeah I charged his credit card!

    sportgirl18: it said that the item is in stock and should ship on or before 1/7.

    So I only have a week to hold my breath before I turn blue!

    I have had the best time shopping the after christmas sales. I have never ever done this.
  6. Well since it says that its in stock and should ship on or before 1/7, I would think you have a good chance of receiving it and it actually being in stock. Thats so annoying that they give confirmation and then dont even cancel it right away though, and you are sitting there for a week thinking that maybe you do have the item. I thought I got a good deal of a pair of sevens for 29 dollars, but I'm sure its to good to be true, and the order will be cancelled shortly. Fingers crossed that it wont though :smile:
  7. I hope you get it!!
  8. Congrats!
  9. It's gorgeous! Hope you get it soon.
  10. Wow...that bag is gorgeous! I hope you get it!
  11. I am SOOOO jealous!!
    I saw that bag Xmas night and got so excited (after a nice PFer PMd me - Thx!) - when I clicked on the bag to buy it - it was gone :crybaby::sad:

    Congrats on a great bag at a great price!!!

    (I hope you don't like it & return it so that I can buy it - hahaha - just kidding!:shame:smile:

  12. Yea, but it's not $550 at either of those places - it's mucher closer to $1k
  13. gorgeous bag!! good luck!!!!

    i have had bad luck with bloomingdales sales also.....they promised me the marc by marc jacobs behati which was 498 orig. and i got it on the sale last week i was SOOO HAPPY......and two days later an email saying sorry out of stock i called to complain and they said i can get 10% off the next one to compensate...big deal...they really are awful there but once in awhile you get what you want I HOPE YOU GET YOURS! MY QUINN MBMJ is on the way got it at 50% off!
  14. Wow! That's a great deal!