omg i think i love this! do you love it?

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  1. I like it. Reminds me a lot of Linea Pelle with the rough leather and the Dylan styling.
  2. Yes, Tano makes some great bags. They are real workhorses.

    Ok, that said...I will continue to nag you because I know you really want to reign in your collection. If you buy this bag, do you have a certain number of bags you are going to SELL FIRST before purchasing it? :biggrin:
  3. i know u are trying to purge so i'll be honest i think the bag looks to busy ... too much zippers ...
  4. It looks like a rip off of a Alexander wang bag (the Brenda or Donna, i get confused between the 2)
  5. I do, I love it! :smile:

  6. It does have some similarity to the Donna but i do like the Tano, plus the price is pretty darn good.
  7. Loved this bag when I saw it in military green on the Nordstrom catalog. In fact I'm keeping the magazine I figure if I can look at the picture I don't need the bag. Hey I need some strategy, running out of room.
  8. I have this bag, and I don't think it is too busy with all the zippers. It contributes to the rugged quality. Perfect.
  9. I love it, looks great!