OMG! I think I found my NEXT bag!!!

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  1. so I was having dessert with a friend, and I saw someone carrying a PEARL VERNIS HOUSTON!!! It looked soooo gorgeous!!!! Anyone have this and have any inputs/comments???

    also, do you think a framboise houston is too much pink???
  2. I have the fushisa houston and love it. Great for summer. Lots of compliments every time I wear it.
  3. ooh..can you show modelling pics albuquerque? I think fuschia is too bright for me, but I am considering framboise as something different. But pearl would be classic though....not sure.
  4. I have no idea how to post pictures. Sorry. If you search threads for fushia vernis I know there are several pictures.
  5. Perle Vernis, i too have been lusting over it for a long time, but the color xfter stopped me everytime i was about to whip out the wallet hehe. Have you seen Brentwood? It's similar to Houston, but the straps are adjustable :love:
  6. i saw pics of the brentwood, but i think that might be too big!! I duno, I think if i were to get the houston, I'd get it in pearl cuz it's more classic. I'm torn between a manhattan PM or pearl houston now..oh well. I'm not gonna stress about it cuz I can't buy until the fall anyway. LOL....i have the pearl cles and use it everday (but i'm giving her a rest now though..) and so far so good, no color transfer, so I'm not too worried about that!

    you should go for it! there's nothing to be scared of about pearle. lol
  7. Perle is sooo pretty! I find that I'm not so concerned about colour transfer on my Vernis at all, since I don't have the habit of setting my bags down on magazines or newspapers :shrugs: Jeans might pose a problem if your Vernis bag is such a size that it drops below your waist so the bottom might keep rubbing against the blue denim and pick up the blue colour.
  8. ^^ooh! good point Orodruin! thanks!!!!
  9. I think it's a very cute and functional bag... get it! :devil:
  10. I have the perle Brentwood and love it! It got a lot of use last spring/summer/early fall. I love how the framboise Houston looks, just not on me, it did indeed look like way too much of a good thing (on me)
  11. Colour: go for the framboise :biggrin:

    Bag: very hard and structured like most vernis bags... maybe it'll soften up with use... :shrugs:
  12. I love the Perle color but I'm too afraid of the color transfer.
  13. Framboise Houston is so feminine. Get it!
  14. I like the Framboise better than the Perle, but thats only because Pink makes everything better, LOL!!

    Get it!!! The only thing I would be worried with the Perle espicially is the scratches though!!
  15. It is a lovely bag.