OMG I scored off Craigslist!!

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  1. Here is what I got for $210.00.

    One beautiful large cherry sabrina
    one new penelope clutch in orange
    one capacity wristlet in patent leather red.

    Brand new this would have cost over $800.00.

    Everything is in AWESOME condition.
  2. Nice score!!!!
  3. HOLY SMOKES!!!! awesome! CL can be wonderful if you're patient enough to look for the good stuff! Congrats!~
  4. Wow! What a deal! I love the Cherry Sabrina :drool: I never find anything good on my local's usually full of fakes and over priced MFF bags :smash:
  5. The woman I bought the stuff from is really nice. In fact she first bought from me, then I got my Ergo tote from here and now this. Now I am banned. I need to stop shopping till fall and save my money. I still have a 40% credit from Coach which I am going to hold off for an expresso sabrina.
  6. Show us pics!
  7. sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    great deal, awesome job!!!!!!!!!
  8. Score!!

  10. Wow, what great a great deal for everything! Congrats!
  11. pic's!!!!!
  12. WOW! Pics pretty please!
  13. :useless::shrugs:
  14. congrats!!!
  15. Congratulations! Would love to see!