OMG! I scored my first Spy for a fantastic deal!!

  1. Thanks to a wonderful post on the Deals and Steals section, I found a denim spy on Bluefly for $1210!

    For some reason, it was listed as $1520 retail (it's currently $1940 at, and with their typical 20%, and a 20% code I threw in as a new customer, the grand total of my denim spy came out to $980.75, shipping and all!!

    I have never seen one of these IRL so I can't wait till it arrives! Do anyone of you ladies have one? I would love pics if anyone has any. Also, I am a teensy bit worried about it since I have heard horror stories about bluefly's fake Chloes and Balenciagas. Anyone have any experience with them?

    Either way, I know bluefly has a great return policy so until then, I am still super excited!!!:yahoo:
  2. Actually, that's quite a terrific deal! It's the medallion spy and they're currently selling it on Neiman Marcus website. I believe that the retail is much higher than what bluefly had it. It's around $1900, if I recall. Congratulations! I'm envious! LOL! :nuts: :yahoo: :nuts:
  3. Congrats! That's a great deal. Its absolutely gorgeous in denim. Post modeling pics when you receive the bag.
  4. Wow that's amazing ... congrats
  5. I am not usually a fan of denim but this one I like. Congrats!
  6. Big congrats!
  7. Congrats on getting a great deal and a lovely spy
  8. :shocked: Are you SERIOUS?! That is a GREAT DEAL!!!:yahoo: CONGRATS!!! I never knew Spy came in denim (other than a stripe denim)! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it!!! I wish I'd seen it (I would have grabbed one too!:graucho:). CONGRATS and wear it in the best of health!:yes:
  9. Fantastic deal! Post pics when you get it
  10. Ms Jenn, it's a very cute bag. BTW, when I was in the Fendi store in Paris, they also had these really hot shoes in the denim that I think would be perfect with it (it is the same denim). They are the same style I am posting in my attachment, but in that denim (mine are blueberry leather). I LOVE these shoes!

    Congrats on the great deal.
  11. Litigatrix-
    Wow, your bag and shoes are amazing! I bet you look killer in them!!
    Thanks for the info on the denim shoes. Do you have any idea where I might be able to view a pic of them or buy them?? When was it that you saw the shoes? Your shoes are sooo cute!! Now I have something new to hunt for, yay!!
  12. great deal!!!!!!
  13. I have not seen the Spy shoes in any stores except the Fendi stores. I would probably call a Fendi boutique in the US and inquire about whether they have these shoes in the denim. They may be able to send a photo to you, I'm not sure. It might depend on the SA you get ahold of. They looked pretty much just like mine, except in the denim. The woven part (on the bag and the shoe) is more like a coated denim so it is a little shiny. They are very cute!

    BTW, I got mine at the end of March, and that seemed to be when they were just getting the denim in in Paris. I had bought the shoes first and went back for the bag. One day, they only had the shoes in leather (when I bought them) and the next day they had a bunch of new stock out, including the same shoe in the denim. Def call around to the Fendi boutiques, though. They do sales over the phone. FWIW, I either wear a 6.5-7, and I went with the 36.5 in these shoes.