OMG I saw one too!!!!!

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  1. I was in Marshalls today and I saw a FAKE (and it looked USED!) with an $159.99 price tag on it! I just about fell out! And it was right there on the shelf with all the other Coach and Dooneys. It was a hobo style, similar to the maroon/houndstooth ones with the huge clip that are in the Marshalls & Tjs right now. It was this horrendous light blue with mini sigs and there were loose threads coming from the "leather" (plastic) handles. The creed was in there, but the font was slightly off and the bag was just light, not substantial at all. I wasn't sure what to do! I couldn't really prove it wasn't authentic, after all the mini sigs matched mine and the creed matched mine (minus the font) but you could just TELL! So I didn't say anything to anyone (I know you girls have had bad experiences with that), but I feel so guilty! Some poor person is going to PAY that, thinking they've gotten a deal and some poor recipient is going to think they got the real thing! I honestly wish I'd never even gone in there now! What do you do when you know its fake, but can't really prove it? :confused1:
  2. YIKES! I don't blame you for not saying anything, I'm not sure I would've either. But with a $159.99 price tag you should definitley let somebody know! I'd be so terribly upset if I bought that thinking it was real when it clearly looked fake, many people don't know the difference.

    I think I would just call the store and ask the speak to the manager and let them know. Maybe even drop them an e-mail if that kind of info is avaliable to you on the web. Calling them on the phone wouldn't be nearly as intimidating as saying something to them in person.
  3. last time i was at tj maxx and pointed out a fake, the manager came over and asked me to leave. he was obviously not interested in the fact that his store was selling an illegal good. and even pointing out everything that was wrong with it wasn't good enough...(same thing happened with me at macy's recently...:sad:)

    makes me sad to say, but i don't think there's anything you can do. just hope no one buys it, i guess...
  4. It is happening so much lately. There is really nothing we can do about it. :sad:
  5. It makes you just want to buy from the boutiques and off I even worried a little when I bought my bags from Macy's recently. Being new to Coach, it'd be easy for me to be fooled. Sad.
  6. I think that is just awful!! I know it sounds lame but I never expected to see one in my town!:sad:
  7. That sucks... uuuggghhh :o(

    I'd be tempted to take a picture with my camera phone and call Coach or something
  8. I'd send a letter to Coach and tell them about it. Send as many details as possible about the "situation". I'm pretty sure they'd be more than happy to know there's a person out there concerned about the reputation of the brand. (And demand a reply, just so I'd be sure they received my letter.)
  9. I'm wondering whether it's the stores willingly purchasing the fakes, or if it's people buying the real thing, and then switching with their fakes or something along those lines. I love marshalls and tjmaxx, and i've seen plenty of authentic coaches in there....
  10. i have no doubt it's someone buying the real deal and returning a fake.
  11. Wow I didn't know that marshalls and Tj's were selling fakes! I hope they don't sell fake clothes too.
  12. I agree-this one looked somewhat used. The plastic handles had loose threads and it just looked used. It smelled funny too. Thanks for the tip about where to report it. I'll definitely try to send a letter or email or something b/c I hate to think I didn't at least try to do something about it.:sad:
  13. Well I wouldn't go that far, I don't think they intentionally sell fakes. It seems to be the public that's ruining the stores reputation by buying REAL things, and returning a FAKE item with the original price tag. I'm guessing most of the people that work there don't know better.

    I was just at marshalls recently and they had a few coach bags, seven for all mankind jeans and juicy tracksuits. On my recent visit to tjmaxx i spotted D&B as well as coach handbags. ALL were authentic. I even bought the seven jeans (not a bad deal - $80 for sevens!).

    I don't want to defend the stores because they should be more careful about what they take back, but it sounds like the customers are more to blame than the stores.
  14. I was wondering the same thing. I just figured the manager (or whoever) wasn't aware of the situation. If I were the manager I'd be embarassed, because if it got out that someone accidentaly bought a fake bag from your stock your business would suffer! I've never heard anything except good things about Marshall's and TJ Maxx as far as authentic stuff is concerned.