OMG! I saw LV cerise at Costco

  1. I read the LV at Costco thread last week and although some claimed seeing them online and at oversea Costco, I did not believe it until I saw it myself today. Ok few days ago I saw a Chanel classic flap at a nearby Costco, so today when I went to another Costco, I just want to check if there might be more chanel at a different location. And there I saw a LV Cerise speedy. It looks like used because the handle is kind of like honey brown. I have the same Cerise speedy myself and seriously that looks authentic to me. I don't have my camera with me so i took some photos with my phone.
  2. How much was it going for? :confused1:
  3. so this is where the store displays go after they start to patina!:wtf:
  4. I don't think LV would do that...I hope not!!
  5. omg, yuck. i cant think that LV would allow this. :wtf:
  6. :roflmfao:COSTCO 2nd hand reseller
  7. What is Costco?? Obviously a shop but what kind? Upmarket or a cheapo shop??
  8. the tag looks like it says 819.99 but not 100% sure.
  9. i honestly don't believe LV realizes that is going on. I can't imagine they would be okay with it. LV is so strict with their bags.
  10. It says $819.99 i think...this would be a great bargain, no?
  11. I think I saw the price was $819. Those pics boggle my mind!
  12. Costco is like Sams club i heard. idk though we dont have one 'round these parts ;)
  13. It would be a great bargin!
  14. Costco is a wholesale department store / pharmacy / supermarket. They sell food, books, household items, clothes, everything... Eg. instead of buying 1 can of soup for $2.50 you can go to costco and buy a box (24 cans) for $35
    You need to pay a membership to shop there ($40 a year I think)...and the prices are good but you have to usually buy in bulk (for food and household stuff...not for clothes, books, DVD's, electronics, jewelry, etc)
  15. Yes...a warehouse store like Sam's. I have to admit I love shopping there but I never imagined they sold LV's.