OMG, I saw it in person...

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  1. The Lily Python Satchel. This bag makes me want to get a second job, it is beautiful, and "ONLY":wtf: $3000, maybe a third job too. I just had to's a pic from the COACH website.
  2. gorgeous
  3. Did you see it in a Coach store or was someone wearing it? I have a regular leather Lily, but I'm loving the ostrich version of this as well!
  4. The ostrich version in pond is just TDF....

    <wipes drool from desk>
  5. I have my eye on this too, but I just can't see $3k for a handbag!! It's GORGEOUS though!!!
  6. i saw it in the store...if I'd have seen someone wearing it I'd probably have tackled them to the ground...:Push:
  7. :drool:That bag is definitely worth a 2nd or 3rd job!
  8. I absolutely love this purse as well. But yes the price is just wayyy too high for me. My DH would divorce me if I purchased that. lol..
  9. My husband would kill me if I ever spent that much on a bag lol
  10. My pet python would disown me hehe I want a lily soooo bad gaahhh its gorgeous
  11. That bag is definately gorgeous but it's out of my price range for a bag - I think if I'm spending that kinda money, it's going to be Bals!
  12. Very pretty!! I have to say, even though those snake skin bags are very gorgeous, I don't think I could own a bag completely covered in snake skin. It just gets to tacky to feel and to pay THAT much for a bag to feel tacky and is known to peel, it is too much. I like my python striped tote, and am glad that it is only a small stripe.