OMG I ruined my Hair ! Its Orange

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  1. OMG Im so distraught, tonight I bought a dye to dye my hair dark it is Orange. It really looks awful :crybaby:. I really need to get it out. Tomorrow Iam at high school and on Thursday I go London. I just cant go in high school like this. I Need it out by tomorrow. I washed it 10 times but none of the dye came out. Im thinking about stopping off tomorrow and calling the hairdressers and getting it stripped. Does anyone have any suggestions ? :sad:
  2. RUN to the hairdresser NOW.........( wear a hat)..It needs to be fixed asap!
  3. Either go to the hairdresser (preferred) or go buy an even darker brown and try again! poor thing!
  4. What color was your hair before?

    What dye did you use?
  5. better go to the hairdresser now to get it fixed.
  6. i was just going to ask what color were you before...

    i would say either put loreal castings in it ( the semi perm dye) a darker shade or go to the hairdresser.. but stripping the color is not good either..

    wht dye did u use
  7. Hi everyone, I used a loreal dye. My natural hair is naturally a fair brown colour, very light. Im just so annoyed because its 21.06 PM at night here at the moment so I will have to have the day off tomorrow to get this fixed. Im going to get it stripped, Does anyone know how much stripping it will cost. I cant believe this has happened :crybaby: :sad:
  8. Is there a phone number on the box? If so, try calling them and see what they recommend. My mom did something similar and called the number on the box and they were able to tell her what to do. Basically, it involved getting another color and re-dying. It wasn't a perfect solution, but it looked much better until she could get to the salon and have it properly fixed. Good luck!
  9. You cant wash it matter how much you do it. Exactly what Brand of Loreal hairdye did you use? Preference? Feria? And what color?? I know I have to use a ASH in mine or I turn orange. Did you do any research before you colored? The good news is, your a guy right? At least your hair will grow out quickly! Keep us posted! DONT GO TO SCHOOL TOMMOROW!! or wear a hat! :smile:
  10. Thanks for your replies, yeah Im a guy. I allways have had nice hair and usually I let the hairdressers do it but its all gone wrong because of me. I used preference I think. It was "French Roast brown". I just want this nightmare to be over :sad:
  11. have you tried head&shoulders? my hairdresser ummm overdid it a little the last time and i got some of the excess dye out with head&shoulders..
  12. Hi, yeah I used about 5 different shampoo's and conditioners. It didnt work at all :sad:. Im going to call up Hair Cuttery tomorrow and ask my usual stylist if she can fit me in and what the cost will be.
  13. How can you dye your hair a darker brown and make it come out orange?

    (If you were going from dark brown to blonde, I could understand it was orange!)
  14. mate, you can try essensuals inside borders at oxford circus... or you can go to chinatown to get your hair done too. i swear by this salon opposite Kintaro (a japanese restaurant)'s got blue doors and frame.

    i feel for you man!
  15. and whoa... another 17yr old guy!!! woots!! and living in London too!! haha!