OMG! I resist a birkin today!

  1. A friend of mine called me a few hours ago saying that he was at Hermes and that in front of him there was a 30cm potiron birkin with pall hw. He was visiting friends at the Grand Hyatt (where the boutique is situated) and he casually entered Hermes and asked for a birkin bag. There was one that day (very rare) and the SA showed it to him. He directly called me and said: Sar, there's a birkin in front of me this color such and such, if you want it I can buy it first for you.

    I nearly died! I mean, i felt like I was struck by lightning. I didnt expect that call at all and I also didnt expect that it was that easy. Remember I lost hope on getting a birkin from my local H? :confused1:

    Too bad I am not looking for potiron. If it was a rouge h or something in box leather with gold h/w I would take it in a sec and worry about everything later, hehehe. And so yes ladies and gents, I let it go. I called my friend again and he said right after he left there were a group of ladies coming in, and they were looking at that bag.

    And there was another thing that made me ick.. it was the PRICE! The price was 80,000,000 Rupiahs (1 USD = Rp. 9000, so roughly it's close to 8800 USD or so), so damn expensive. I must admit, I was spoiled by Europe price (USD 6000 for a 30cm birkin) and hesitated to purchase one with a 2 grand mark up, even if it's from my local H :shame:

    BUT.. the SA also said to him that there will be another 2 tone birkin tomorrow. It's somebody else's order and if that person turn it down I can have a look at it. What should I do?????? I know if I see a birkin in person with my own eyes it will be HARD to resist, especially if it's the right color such and such. Am I crazy for wanting to pay the almost 3K difference in price?

    Sorry.. long post :angel:
  2. oh my, that is too tempting! the search continues.........sar, do you know what leather it was?

    calling on anyone looking for 30 potiron birkin in PH?????!!!!!!

  3. Oh dear lord... PAZT, are you currently looking for a potiron 30 with pall hun???? Shoot, I didnt know.. i lost track on the ladies' wish list since there are so many of them, hehehe.. Boy, if I knew I would've done something (if you dont mind the price). I can def call our local H to see if it's still available. Who knows, just maybe your local H can arrange with my local H for the bag to be shipped? Or am I dreaming here and that sorta thing dont cant be done? :s

    Spinster.. I dont think potiron is ugly, I just have other preferences. I like potiron and dont mind having it, IF my other preferences have been fulfilled kwim? :flowers:
    And as buying with a reseller.. actually I dont mind at all, but there is always the issue with shipping (I am in Asia and most resellers are in USA, UK) such an expensive bag that still scare me.
  4. Oops, Pazt.. nope I didnt ask what leather it was... as soon as I heard potiron I didnt ask further.

    As for the 2 tone bag.. if it's a toile combo then I dont mind at all.. it's classic imo.
  5. Sarah, wait for the perfect color for you. If you want Rouge don't settle for anything else. :flowers:
  6. I agree, seeing one in person would make it VERY hard to resist! And I like potiron myself...
  7. thanks sarah, i do have a kelly 32 orange in clemence. i know it's not the same orange but somehow in the same family. but i'm just looking out for the other PFers out there looking for one. i forgot who.....we'll look back in our H wishlist thread. and potiron is just a DIVINE color, IMO. there's nothing ugly about it, again, IMO.:confused1:
  8. There is NO reason to be nervous about having a bag shipped. How do you think the bags get to the Hermes shops? How do you think Rolex's get to the shops that sell them?
  9. sarah, calling on HERMES BB AND BIRKIN GIRL. they have birkin potiron on their list!!!!
  10. Thanks patz for the heads up , but i think on the list its a orange that i want anyway have to be good as am awaiting a 35 cyclamen that is due soon ... turned down a orange kelly last week hard to do but know its the right thing :crybaby:
  11. That's my dream birkin!!!
  12. whoa jehaga! long time! Look I am already over 400 posts...!
  13. ^ LOL, congrats!

    sarahcantiik - it was good of you to pass. regardless of price, the hermes item MUST be perfect! good luck w/ the two-tone.

    and btw, you're very lucky to have a friend like that.
  14. Wait for the perfect color for you and do not settle no matter what comes your way!
  15. I totally agree with Kellybag:flowers: