OMG I really have gone crazy!!! And maybe my angel found me too!

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  1. I have 4 pairs on the way, and I don't even know what 2 look like!

    Some of you know I bought the greasepaint to go with the Bar Mitzvah outfit, and while they are nice, they weren't wowing me, so I was on a mission. Went to NM today and decided I had to have the Very Noeud Knotted Satin Pump. They are stunning and very extravagant for the one night (hopefully I will get more wear out of them) but they are just too perfect. They didn't have my size and the long and short of it is I called
    Vernon at Saks (*Lo recommended him in the thread about SA) and he is so nice and helpful. He doesn't have the satin pump (which I have just ordered from NM website), but he found tortoise VP's in my size!!!!! My HG. :woohoo:I can't really believe it. I won't believe it until they are actually in my hands!!! In addition, I was trying to decide about the silver NP's that *Lo got or the VP that someone mentioned seeing at Tyson's in bronze and silver. So since I can return to Saks very easily, I had him send me both VP's before I decide whether to order the NP. (Saks doesn't carry the NP version.) *Lo, I would love some modeling pics of your silver NP's to help me decide.:smile: I am going to have some tough choices because I can't keep 4!!! Maybe 3......oh no!
  2. lor- I would say to leave out the silver NPs, since it doesn't seem you are as excited about these as the other two (VNoeud, Tortoise VP). :yes:
  3. holy guacamole! how did he find the toirtoise VPs?! eek! i am so jealous!!! they're a pipe dream for me. what color did you get in the knotted? black? wow! so excited for you!
  4. Congrats! I cant believe you found Tortoise VPs. You lucky lucky!
  5. Good for you,lorr:amuse:
  6. Can't wait for the pics!
  7. Wow. Definitely want to see the picks.
  8. ow congrats! alot of girls are getting lucky these days with HG!
  9. Lorr I am sooo happy you called Vernon!! He is soo helpful and just a great SA. I cant believe you found the tortoise!! you are sooo lucky, cograts!!

    So here are some pics of my silvers but they arent so good bc i had to ask my mom to take them and she was less than thrilled, lol.
  10. Those are gorgeous!!!!:tup::tup:
  11. Lo* those look gorgeous!!!!!!
  12. Thanks Luv*Mulberry and Noe:love:
  13. *Lo, I had to chuckle out loud when I read the "mom" comment. Thanks for the pics, they are truely gorgeous!!!! I dont know if the silver or bronze VP will come close to that. I will have to wait till they get here and then hope that if I like the NP better, that they will still be around. Those are really hot shoes. I can't imagine the VP being better!!! And yes, Vernon was a doll!! Absolutely went out of his way to help.
  14. Yes, thanks everyone, I am so excited!! And I promise to post pics as soon as I get them. Hope they will be here Saturday, but I don't know. And two pairs are coming from different stores, so who knows. Oh, wow, in my excitement, I forgot to open my new bbag that came today!!!! Got to go do that now.
  15. :lol::shame:

    Your welcome, I think the VP will be gorgeous!! And thenak you I really love the silver NP's :love:. I am now scared to see pics of your broze VP's what if i need them and dont know it yet:P

    Edit: I wouldnt mind seeing a pic of your new bbag