OMG I packed my Bals in my checked luggage...

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  1. Sorry to hear about this and I hope you are able to find a solution, but I do want to thank you for posting this as I have to check in my bags quite a bit these days and have only ever packed them with their dustbags, I am going to do better from now on.
  2. that sucks- but at least it's on the bottom?
  3. I'm so sorry. I would definitely echo the sentiment about calling LMB. Those guys are miracle workers. Good luck. Please let us know what you do!
  4. Oh that's awful! I'm so sorry this happened to you. I agree with the others.........give Barbara at LMB a call. Good luck with your possible repair.
  5. Let it dry well, you may find that it will even out. If not, the moisturizer may be trapping the moisture. I would use cleaner on the bottom to remove any residue of treatment products, then let it dry and I can't say it enough...APPLE GUARD. It repels water.
    I live in Florida. Eventually no matter what, my Balenciaga are going to get rain on them. Even if it's just drips from overhangs, car doors or whatever, I have never had water spot any of my bags. I've had it spot the leather on LV's if it's a drip from a roof and the water is dirty, but never Balenciaga.
  6. Sorry to hear that, bellenuit! I hope you can find a resolution for this. Like the others said, aleast it's on the bottom of your bag. Good luck! :flowers:
  7. Thank you so much, everyone, I really appreciate your empathy! :heart: All of your helpful tips have been duly noted. I took her out today to see if a little wearing and air could help her - tomorrow too, I think, to see if time helps. If I don't see improvement after a little while I will call LMB.

    It seems weird because she's not treated aside from a little moisturizer in spots and she's been rained on lightly before - the water either flicked right off or spotted and dried with no stain whatsoever. Powder might be right about the moisturizer trapping the water. Or the dustbag got really wet and took forever to dry - ON the bag. eek.

    Anyhoo, I'm a little bummed because she's only been with me like a month :rolleyes: but like some of you said, they eventually get more matte anyway - and it is the bottom. Could be worse!

    I AM glad that my tale could help some of you girls to not make the same mistake! :yes:
  8. hey MRG - I'm in Milan now...
  9. WOW, have FUN!
  10. bellenuit, I hope the bag will come out fine.

    Last thurs, I flew to Ohio with rouille First in the luggage, cuz I was carrying the city onboard. But I miscalculated the time from my home to airport, so we arrived abt 15 mins before the last boarding call.

    Then we arrived in Ohio, only to find out the luggage was still in Newark! I was not that worried but my boyfriend was. "You got a $995 bag in that luggage and you're not worried?!?!" Go figure.

    The luggage arrived just before 9 pm. I got to Ohio at 9 AM. :smile:
  11. awwww....i'm sorry to heat that -_-"

    but honestly, i don't think the spot's really noticeable...and besides, it's at the bottom of ur bag...

    ur day's still gorgeous!!! i hope something works out for u :smile:
  12. i am so sorry! thanks for sharing though...i never realized that your bags stay out in the rain! it makes total sense, but i guess i just never thought about it! i would have done the exact same thing so dont feel too bad!
  13. this can happen! once when going to palm beach for xmas i put a red silk dress in with all my white linen things.. and my suit case got wet.. that red dress ruined all my other clothes!!! now i wrap all like colored clothes in giant ziplocks.. and never ever check my bags.. i carry my WE with the smaller ones inside as my carry on!