OMG I packed my Bals in my checked luggage...

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  1. and learned a big lesson. I was a little nervous of course because they could have been stolen I suppose, but I really had no choice with all the stuff I had. So at the last minute I threw them in my big suitcase. Without plastic covering their dustbags. And it rained. On the suitcases from the plane to the carousel. And I didn't realize that I should have checked on them then and there when the wet suitcases came out. Now my Aqua Day has this weird big matte spot :wtf:


    At least, that's what I'm guessing it's from - water damage. I did spot treat her a few days ago with LMB Ultra Moisturizer and tested it first on the bottom of the bag, but she looked fine afterwards for days. I just pulled her out of her dustbag last night after having just put her in a drawer when we arrived without checking her out. A corner of her must have gotten wet and just dried that way? It's a funky spot, it just went all dry and matte and lighter in color, slightly. Pic attached. At least it's on the bottom. What do you guys think? Suggestions on repairing it?

    Anyway, I will only ever check my Bals again (if I HAVE to) wrapped in plastic....:hysteric: Poop. I feel like such an idiot. So sad....

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  2. I can't help with suggestions on how to repair, but just wanted to say how sorry I am for you that this happened..... I wish you the best of luck in repair! Thanks for posting your experience b/c I am sure it could have happened to anyone and your post may well prevent it happening to someone else in the future. Good luck!
  3. I'm sorry for you too,can you send your Day to LMB?After reading some posts,I've learned they can do miracle.
    Hope it can comfort you:the water spot is on the bottom,your Day's sides still gorgeous!
    I'm sure you'll find a way to reduce this spot!:yes:
  4. Aw, I'm sorry bellenuit! That's crazy that the rain penetrate through your suitcase onto your bbag! But as anilouann mentioned, at least it was on the bottom of your bag.

    Perhaps you don't treat it and leave it be because eventually the other section will become matte from use? Or you can email/call/send it to LMB? I've heard wonderful things about them....
  5. Ohh poor you =) I have no suggestions on how to repair that XD haha. =) Listen to the other PB Forum experts =P But glad you posted this haha. So next time people will remember your story and pack their bags carefully *nod*
  6. Oh no! Trying calling Barbara at LMB and see what she says.

    She helped me when I spilt an ENTIRE bottle of soy milk inside my black day bag and the leather went mega stiff and hard after it dried. Now mine is back to normal just from her advise over the phone!
  7. oh no!!
    i hope you will clean it successfully soon!
    it's so heartbreaking :sad:
  8. :crybaby:Oh no, I'm so sorry this happened to you Bellenuit. I hope someone can offer advice that will fix your baby. Thanks for the warning though -- I'll never pack my bbags in my luggage.
  9. Oh, NO! Sorry to hear that but after looking at the pics I thought it was going to be worse. But if you're like me the smallest things bother me, so, I understand that bothering you. Did you come home to the US?
  10. Oh thats awful - though it is a good reminder lesson for us all - hope you get it sorted:smile:
  11. SORRY this happened to you, these bags are like our babies and it does not matter if it is a big boo boo or a small one. I agree with the other TPFers call Barbara at LMB and see if she can help you with this. Good Luck, I hope it turns out just like new.
  12. Awww. You must have been sick when you saw it. I hope you get it fixed.
    I took a trip recently and we had to ship a box with things for my girls so I shipped my B-bags (so I could insure them). I didn't even want to bring them on the plane but I ended up doing it.
    Let us know.
  13. Oh no!!! :crybaby:I hope you can figure out a way to get it fixed...

    On a side note, thanks for the post - because I'm going to be on an airplane next week, and its a good reminder... :sad:
  14. So sorry for your experience. On the bright side, it doesn't look THAT obvious. I know it's your baby so I'm sure it looks like an eye sore to you. But, it's on the bottom, so when you set down your bag normally or wear it, people can't see it.

    The wonderful thing about motor Bbags is the whole distressed, punk look. So even if a bag gets worn out reallly badly, it still looks cool. LIke a pair of old denim...Don't stress too much.
  15. So sorry this happened to you...a container of clear contact solution leaked a little bit through the bottom of my Truffle a few months back and I hung it on the handle of the treadmill and just let it dry out for a few days and it completely disappeared. It looked much like the stain on yours at first. I definitely would keep it out of the dust bag and let air get to it for awhile. Best of luck! Of note, I had applied the LMB pre-treatment on it the very day I got the bag, so this may have helped prevent a permanent stain. Had yours been treated?