OMG.... I ordered a Balenciaga wallet & now there are other charges....

  1. OMG... I am starting to freak out right now & I am on the phone with Saks (on hold, so I'm typing...) trying to get it figured out.

    I ordered an Aqua Money wallet from Saks in New Orleans on Monday over the phone and checked into my online account today to see what day the order was placed, trying to figure out when it was going to get here...

    :wtf: OMG,... there are other charges another handbag on there that I didn't make...

    Has anyone ever had this happen?? What did you do?? I am freakin out right now!! I've never had anything like this happen. It might just be a mistake (like someone else's stuff got put on my card??), but still worried... :sweatdrop: The SA isn't there until tomorrow, so they can't do anything until tomorrow... Which is my birthday!!!!! ARGH!! What an unpleasant surprise. :cry:
  2. OMG, bags4bubbles, I'm so sorry to hear that. Hopefully it is all just an honest mistake and not somebody making fraudulent purchases with your card. If it was just one handbag on your card it could be just a mistake on Saks' part. Did you call your credit card company yet? Or maybe you can speak to the manager in the handbag dept?
  3. Oh noooo, hope they will figure it out SOON! I would panic too :sad: What an unpleasant thing to happen right before your birthday...
  4. That sucks! I'm so sorry that this happened to you! Call the credit card company ASAP. If it is stolen, it will prevent further fraud! I also think that it's a good idea to call the manager of the department as shopdrop99 said. Good luck and keep us posted! :heart:
  5. I would call the Store now. speak with a Manager ASAP. I would not wait until tomorrow
  6. I called the card company, and they are sending me a form to fill out if the store can't figure it out....

    I called the store and the handbag manager is off this week & the SA that helped me isn't in until tomorrow - so I talked to a Cosmetics manager who said they would figure it out tomorrow morning... I'm still panicking though!!! She looked up the transaction and said it was a Coach Soho Handbag - I didn't even know Saks sold Coach!!!! I'm hoping they can get it figured out quickly!! It was a $600 charge (the one I didn't make), so that isn't exactly something I want sitting on there!!

    Panic, Panic, Panic....

    simmmchen - I don't know why, but stupid stuff always happens around my birthday lately... Last year, I got my first negative comment on eBay, for something I felt wasn't justified, and now this year - this happens!!:crybaby:I'm staying in bed tomorrow!! :push:

  7. :shocked: I'm hoping, hoping, hoping that it was an honest mistake... Since it came from the same store - I still have hope, but you never know... Now I am going to have to keep an eye on it...

    Or keep it maxed out at all times. (LOL... JUST KIDDING!! :p ) well, I can joke and I'm breathing now - so that is a good sign... *sigh* Why always around May 5???
  8. I'd call back again and ask to speak to the store's general manager - it's not your problem that people are off, and this is something that needs to be fixed immediately.
  9. I completely agree. It probably is a mistake by the store, but it needs rectifying now, to avoid any further misuse of your card.
  10. I would cancel that credit card asap. I'm sorry you are dealing with this but it sounds suspicious. I'm sorry :sad:
  11. Argh... that is what I am wondering about... :sad: I am going to give them the weekend to let the store straighten it out and then I am going to go through the card company only...

    I think its really odd, but I always try to give ppl the benefit of the doubt that maybe she got in a hurry and put my information with someone else's order.... That is the thing I never got from them, if the second item was something that was going to show up on my doorstep or on someone else's??

    I feel kind helpless, but I am just thanking the lord that it wasn't one of my major credit cards (since it seems like those would be harder to contain), *knock on wood*... I'm hoping this will be quicker to track down where the problem occured and get it fixed quickly... :shrugs:
  12. I hate to hear this is happening! I hope you get more info./answers SOON!
  13. I've had it happen to me before, where someone "found" my credit card # and made a few purchases. God, it has happened to me a few times.

    Have any other charges shown up on that cc? It can't hurt to cancel the card, especially since it's not a major card.
  14. Ooh nooo, don't say that! I'll be thinking of you and hoping that it will be resolved by tomorrow morning, so you can enjoy your birthday to the fullest!!:drinkup:

    Sending hugs your way :heart:
  15. oh forgot to ask: have you cancelled the card?