OMG! i need serious help please, asking with all my heart........................

  1. Hello,

    Wow....let me catch breath. I'm absolutely shocked. Here are the facts. This has been a nightmare. Thank you within advance for any assistance you can provide. I am so sorry for getting so personal as this is something I usually don't share openly, but I don't know what I will do if I lose this money. sorry.....I feel lost.


    (1) 07/24/07: purchased YSL tote bag, eBay item #140140018463 and paid with Paypal funds

    (2) received item, it was fake, the YSL maintenance guide had many misspelled words

    (3) contacted buyer, who agreed by email I would return the item and she would provide a refund

    (4) I took picture's of the item and returned it, roughly 45 days passed I did not hear from the seller after repeated attempts, so I opened a Paypal disute on August 22, 2007. In addition, I requested her eBay info and the telephone number was disconnected, of which I reported to eBay (denote she is no longer a registered user).

    (5) Here's the email she sent me on September 6, 2007 "
    Hi, I have limited access with my paypal account but I'm completing now all the required documents for that issue to fax tomorrow to paypal... Please give me until next Friday Sept. 14, 2007 in order to send the REFUND thru Paypal...But meantime send me an invoice of the amount that I need to be refund at xxx
    if my paypal will NOT be reinstated on Sept. 14 I will use my debit card to send the amount that I need to be refund to you...Don't worry I'm not gonna run with your money since from the first place I responded to your request to resend the bag and provide my address...Email me back and send me invoice add the Paypal payment on the amount...Thanks!"

    (6) The seller kept asking for me to send her an invoice so she could provide a refund, which I didn't think I had to do in order to obtain a refund and I didn't do. She processed the refund on September 13, 2007. It denotes within Paypal the funds are pending and the refund has been pending since the day she processed it.

    (7) This evening I was going to email the seller asking she process my refund and let her know the funds are pending, but prior to sending the email I did a quick search online with her name and ohhhhhhhh boy.
    • she goes by several names xxx
    • sales on many websites (EBID US/UK (JOINED 07-23-2006), OVERSTOCK, EBAY US/UK, ADPOST.COM)
    • it appears she sold this identical bag within eBay item #140138258375
    • probably has had many eBay names (my purchase was under her seller eBay name: [​IMG]bangaw06)
    • seller has emailed me with several email addressed xxxxxxx - last email name says upon emails is "fire protection")
    • something else called "" came up when I did a search and ""
    • when I did a search with the last email address, a forum posting came up that said this person was within Pasig City, Philippines
    • the Las Vegas police apparently have shut her down before (here is a posting by some other sad person whose money it appears she took as well - see posting here;start=10).
    Help, what should my next step be? I tried to find out if any of the "names" she uses have records within the Las Vegas police department and was unable to figure out how to find out. Should I contact Paypal and advise them of the situation, her record, etc. I have a feeling she has no funds within her Paypal account; if this is true will I still get a refund? I am so sorry for going on and on. In addition, I am a little worried she may use my information fraudulently if I get tough with her. I feel so sad for this woman and very upset with her all at once.

    Thank you so much within advance for any advice or assistance you can provide. best wishes
  2. I am not sure of the laws in over in the US but here in England if you paid with paypal via credit card, u are usually protected by your credit card company against fraud and stuff if your transaction was over £100.

    Good luck girl!
  3. Hi - if its any re-assurance someone refunded some money back to me and it took Paypal two weeks to give me the money. Paypal are crooks as too as the sender stated it had left their account way before I got it. I complained to Paypal but that takes a hundred years too, basically Paypal witholds funds for their own 'security'. Imagine the interest that security makes them on millions of accounts 'pending'. This doesnt address your concern directly - but you may still get your money back if it is 'pending'.
  4. I'm sorry you're going through all this trouble, but the bag was $81, did you expect it to be real?

    If it was me I'd just chalk it down to experience and forget the money.
  5. If she made the refund and it shows on your account, you will likely get the money. But ^^^ I agree -- you should be more careful when you buy things and not expect to get an authentic designer bag for such a cheap price.
  6. well looking at the sellers feedback, it maybe low but all the transactions are like a couple $$$ each.

    So you cant really blame beautifulbasic for this mistake.
  7. Maybe you should contact paypal by phone, ask them why its pending and try to sort out the whole mess. At least it wil give you a better idea of the situation your in.....
  8. I would go back into the dispute section and choose the end communication option and escalate the dispute. Fax all what you found to payapl. File a claim with your credit card company if you paid via credit card through paypal. Good luck with this...I have my fingers crossed for you!
  9. hi beautiful---

    if the refund amount is "pending" in your PayPal account, you should be fine, you just need to wait. i kills.

    when i made my first sale, the buyer wanted to use PayPal. i was really apprehensive at first. it seems like it took weeks for her to submit the payment, and then once that happened, i had to wait 4 or 5 working days for it to be deposited into my bank account. whew! i was really nervous, but it worked out.

    just hang in there and let us know how it goes.
  10. woah!! Please do not ever post other people's personal info on our forum! Editing out now. . . .
  11. Hello All,

    Thank you so much for all of your help! :flowers:

    I am so sorry swanky for posting the email addresses (I didn't know, since it appears this is how the others she has de-frauded identify her). I didn't know if maybe there were additional victims out there who would recognize one of the many email addresses all across the world she utilizes...sorry!

    I have never had funds show "pending" through Paypal and thank you all for your support. I will hope she is not pulling me along, as it appears she has done with countless others. Maybe having been caught before by the Las Vegas police for selling fraudulent bags and not refunding people's money has taught her. :busted

    Thank you again for everything. I will telephone Paypal and see if they can tell me why the funds are "pending." Thank you within advance for any other assistance you may be able to provide. best wishes

  12. YEAHHHHH! The refund finally went through today. It looks like I just had to wait one more day. I am so sorry for posting. Thank you to everyone for their help. best wishes!
  13. Glad it worked out ok for you!
  14. You shouldn't be sorry for posting. And I think is a very good idea that you gave us the ebay name of this person. We should warn and help eachother in cases like this. All the best.
  15. Glad It All Worked Out For You